By Ali Mohammad
Dec 04, 2017

Help Local Scouts in Need: Donate to The Ethan Giving Tree

Not everyone is so lucky to join Scouting, let alone afford a uniform. Costs can be too high for families in need, preventing their young ones from having the learning experiences that other Scouts have. But this Christmas, you have a chance to change that with the Ethan Giving Tree.

How Do I Help Scouts in Need?

Step one: Fill out this form.

Step two: Email it to or bring it to the Orem Scout Shop.

The information from this form will be transferred onto an Ethan card that will be put on the Ethan Giving Tree at the Orem Scout shop. The Ethan tree (similar to an Angel tree) will be set up in and outside the Scout Shop with the Ethan cards on it.

Ethan Giving Tree

Each card will have an associated number for the Scout along with the uniform items that they need. There will also be a space for other items they may want such as books, crafts, camping items, etc.

We will keep the name of the individual(s) confidential. Only the store staff will have access to the Scout’s name and your contact information. A code number will be issued that will match a card in the safe that will have your contact information, so as the donations are collected store staff will contact you so arrangements for pickup can be made.

Step three: Once your information has been received, come into the Orem Scout Shop to purchase the items listed on your card. The store staff will collect the items for each child. Campership cards can also be selected and paid for at the council desk.

Donate today. Donate today to help make a difference in a Scout’s life. Without your donation Scouts will not be able to receive the items they need this Christmas. This program will last from November 17 through December 20, 2017.

If you have any concerns or questions please contact the store staff by email:  or phone us at 801-221-1008

Thank you in advance for your assistance. With leaders like you, these programs will greatly benefit our Scouting community.

Santa Ali

Author:  Ali Mohammad | Director of Council Scout Shops, Utah National Parks Council

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2 thoughts on “Help Local Scouts in Need: Donate to The Ethan Giving Tree

  1. AvatarTennys Bird

    What a fabulous idea! Thank you for providing this opportunity, I am always looking for ways to help those in need.


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