By Melany Gardner
Jun 26, 2014

Varsity Scouts help save woman pinned under a wrecked SUV





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Wednesday, June 25, 2014 — Five Varsity Scouts from Cedar Hills, UT on their way to camp helped save a woman pinned under a wrecked SUV.

Headed to an LDS stake Scout camp near Beaver, UT, the Scouts saw an SUV overturned on the side of the highway. They immediately stopped to help, seeing that no emergency personnel had arrived.

One of the adults in their van, R.L. Peay, first-aid certification director for the Utah National Parks Council, BSA, got out to assess the situation before involving the boys. There were a few other people at the accident helping to remove the injured persons from the SUV, but a man and woman were still pinned in the vehicle.

“The trapped woman… needed immediate medical care,” Peay said. “We were worried she wouldn’t make it, if we didn’t get the car off her.”

Emergency personnel arrived and asked everyone without emergency training to leave the area for safety reasons. Peay remained to explain the situation to the EMT who, in seeing the situation, wanted help lifting the SUV after all the other people had left.

“I told him I had five Varsity Scouts sitting in my van less than 100 feet from site of the crash who wanted to help,” Peay said. “They told me to bring the boys over.”

Varsity Scouts Adam Johnson, Ben Hale, Juston Peay, Jake Hirschi and Max Clements from team 839 from the Cedar Hills 2nd Ward quickly rushed into position to help lift the mangled SUV.

“It brought tears to my eyes to see the faces of these five boys as we lifted the SUV high enough off the ground and held it long enough, so the rescuer could pull her to safety. This is what Scouting is all about! They lifted and held tight, putting everything they had into saving this woman,” Peay said.

The boys had recently learned about how to respond to emergencies during their Scouting activities. When Peay told the EMT they were Boy Scouts from the Utah National Parks Council, the EMT said it didn’t surprise him.

All of the boys were glad to be involved with the rescue and grateful for their Boy Scout training.They are concerned about the young woman they helped and are praying she will be okay.

The Scouts will be camping with their LDS stake at Beaver High Adventure Base for the rest of the week where their theme this year is “I am ready now!,” a play on the Boy Scout motto, “Be Prepared.”

UPDATE: The Utah National Parks Council wants to extend their sympathies to the family of the woman who passed away in this unfortunate accident. Our prays are with them.

Editorial change: The woman in the article was previously thought to be pregnant, but we were informed by the Utah Highway Patrol that that information was wrong. We sincerely apologize for the mistake.

Melany Gardner2Author: Melany Gardner | Editor, The Boy Scout | Orem District Executive, Utah National Parks Council

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