By Michelle Carpenter
Oct 12, 2016

5 Ideas to Utilize Peer-to-Peer Recruitment

Let’s be real here. Adult leaders and parents aren’t the only ones enlisting new Scouts. Sometimes, our voices might sound to youth a bit like the wah-wah-wahing of adults in Charlie Brown. So, who often recruits Scouts? Scouts do.

The BSA did research and found that the most effective way to grow a troop is to use peer-to-peer recruitment. But, how can Scouts utilize the campaign in order to engage more young men?

Here are some ideas for you:

  1. Use pass-along cards. Boys can use BSA  pass-along cards to invite their friends to engage in Scouting. The cards are convenient; a boy can slip one in his pocket to share later. And, if he has a forgetful friend, he can use an invitation card to write i9462915730_a52b0b7ec1_mn the time and date of a Scouting event. If he doesn’t want to use a card, he can just use his voice to invite!
  2. Make camp an invitation tool. Camping is fun! Why wouldn’t a young man want to go hang out with a bunch of other boys in the woods? In a previous article, Daryl Alder said that he believes nothing beats inviting a friend to go camping.
  3. Talk about your Scouting adventures. Did you hear about the time I caught a 1 ft. fish? Go ahead and brag about your Scouting accomplishments occasionally. Friends will get excited about your feats and want to join in the experience.
  4. Use social media to capture the epic-ness of being a Scout. Take photos. Post about the moment. Capture a video. If it’s fun, posting all about it will invite others to join in.young-man-elderly-woman-visiting-1080943-gallery
  5. Represent Scouting. If Scouting has benefited your life, your friends will know it. They will see you act in a positive manner. Take advantage of the opportunities available to you. As you let Scouting bless your life, others will see how it can impact theirs as well.


You can help your friends understand the unique benefits of Scouting. Joining Scouts can help a young man grow physically, intellectually, and spiritually. So, why not invite?


Author: Michelle Carpenter | Marketing Associate, Utah National Parks Council.

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