By Melany Gardner
Oct 03, 2013

A Boy Scout is Fit for Life

It’s not hard to imagine a Boy Scout hiking 15 miles up a mountain with a 50 pound pack on his back. Neither is it hard to imagine them climbing steep rock faces, canoeing across lakes, or playing a competitive game of basketball. With these common activities, it’s no surprise that the third aim of Scouting is personal fitness.

Christian and Conrad Smith, 17 year-old twins and Eagle Scouts, know personally the physical challenges from Scouting. The twins have earned every merit badge available in Scouting, an achievement that is both mentally and physically challenging.

Fitness doesn’t just include hard hikes and exercise, but also general health and wellness. Eating healthy is one way to give your body the ability to do hard things. Boy Scouts take an oath to keep themselves physically strong and mentally awake. Scouts are committed to keeping their minds and bodies clean and fit. They learn that it is important and easy to eat a healthy diet and how a fitness program can be part of their daily routine.

For David Card, founder of ENGRY Inc, the commitment to keeping his mind and body clean as a Scout has driven him professionally and personally to maintain the Scout oath throughout his life.

Enrgy Inc is a healthy alternative to sugary and caffeine-saturated sports drinks.

Total Enrgy is a healthy alternative to sugary and caffeine-saturated sports drinks.

He is passionate about two things: Maintaining the standards he learned in Scouting and personal health.

He has worked in the Health and Nutrition Industry for over 20 years and worked directly with chlorophyll based drinks for the past eight years. He searched everywhere to find a product that addresses all seven critical pillars of health and found nothing. He went to work and consulted with medical professionals and biochemists to develop Total ENRGY.

“Being physically strong and mentally awake are two parts of the Scout oath that have resonated throughout the development of a healthy energy drink alternative,” Card said.

“Our intent was to create a drink that helped clean out the bad in the body and help regenerate the good. As a Scout, I always believed that being clean started on the inside.”

When a Scout reaches for his favorite soft drink, sports drink, or energy drink he is consuming large quantities of sugar and/or caffeine. When you’re eating poorly, it’s hard to find the energy needed to keep pace with the hard physical and mental demands of Scouting, and later in life.

David Card knows that people and Scouts need a more natural and healthier solution to their energy needs, without sugar and caffeine.

“It’s always been my desire to ‘help other people at all times.’ Creating Total ENRGY has given me a platform to be able to do this,” he said.

“Being an eagle scout, I took a pledge to help strengthen my fellow men and build a stronger home, community and world. We’ll start by building healthy, strong people who can then help to build healthy strong communities.”

Scouting doesn’t stop with a healthy body when teaching and advocating fitness, but also a healthy mind, and emotions.

A creative-thinking and problem-solving mind, is a Scout mind. Scouts learn to be emotionally healthy through practicing self-control, self-respect and courage.

It’s not hard to imagine a Scout surviving a three-day excursion, building a complex bridge, or bravely saving another life. It’s not surprising, because a Scout aims to be such a person.



David Card is donating a gift basket to the Utah National Parks Council valued at $150 to be auctioned online with all proceeds going to improve programs in the Council.

Author: Melany Gardner | Marketing and Program Assistant, Utah National Parks Council


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