By Utah National Parks Council
Jul 17, 2013

A Week of Miracles

The tragic accident last week that took the life of CIT Bruce “Rocky” Rhiddlehoover (pronounced Ri-del-hoover) at Camp Tifie resulted in a week of miracles for those remaining at Camp Tifie.

I had the opportunity to visit with Rocky’s parents later in the week where his mom expressed how much she had learned about her son, his acts of kindness, his smile and concern for others. One of her greatest concerns is that Rocky will be forgotten.

But for those at the Camp, among the staff, leaders and Scouts, who knew Rocky, the miracles they have witnessed since his accident will remain a constant testimony and witness to them of this great young man.

Camp Director, Jack Dillon wanted all of his staff to have the opportunity to attend the funeral services for Rocky held Monday, July 15th. So he promised his staff that anyone who desired could attend the services despite the Camp remaining open and new Troops arriving and looking for a week of activities.

Community volunteers and Troop leaders along with Council staff came forward to help out so the staff could pay their respects to a member of their staff family. A bus was provided to drive the 60 member staff to the funeral service.

Rocky was to have participated in the Order of the Arrow. One of his camp mates went through for him as proxy. I’m sure this young man will never forget this experience of acting as proxy for his friend. The recognition was presented to Rocky’s mom and dad who felt comforted by the love and support of those in the camp.

There were many acts of kindness by Rocky’s camp mates for his family and by staff and leaders who became united in remembering and honoring the friend they knew.

Leader Mike Pincock was there last week with his Troop and wrote:

My troop new Bruce from school, band and sports and they were dealt a pretty good blow on Wednesday morning at flags.  But because of the extra time you gave us to regroup as a troop my leaders and I were able to talk things through with them and ease there concerns enough to continue on and have an absolutely amazing week.  The lord truly works in mysterious ways.  I would not trade this week for anything.  I believe I witnessed a small miracle as I listen to these boys grow to young men through this test.  It was absolutely priceless to me.

Rocky will never be forgotten by those he served. Those who had the privilege of knowing him during his weeks of camp will have fond memories that will extend into the eternities.

Rocky’s family is hoping to keep his memory alive by fulfilling some of his charitable goals, including those associated with his Boy Scout Eagle Project: to gather and send school supplies to needy children in Arkansas and Chad, Africa and to sponsor in a third-world country a self-sustaining ARK from Heifer International. Donations can be made at any Mountain America Credit Union.

Author: Heidi Sanders | Marketing & PR Director, Utah National Parks Council

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One thought on “A Week of Miracles

  1. AvatarShaun Heaton

    May the Lords choicest blessings be reserved for this wonderful family at this time. It wonderful to see the great support and love shown toward everyone concerned.

    The Heaton Family


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