By Makenzie Wistisen
Sep 09, 2017

Welcome Makenzie to the Team!

Hello, all! I’m Makenzie, the newest Marketing Associate for the Boy Scouts of America National Parks Council here in Orem!

I’m currently a senior at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, majoring in Fine Arts and Communications with an emphasis in New-Media Journalism, and minoring in Writing and Rhetoric. I’ve been published by Capital West News, The Daily Universe, the Daily Herald, and Euphony Magazine but see no signs of stopping there! Aside from writing, I enjoy digital media, photography, and all elements of design.

Don’t be fooled by my love for fashion and the feminine things in life, because I enjoy living an active and adventurous lifestyle above all else. As a previously competitive soccer player and state track runner, sports remain a big part of my everyday life. Whether I’m snowboarding down the slopes of Brighton Ski Resort, wakeboarding through the red narrows of Lake Powell, longboarding under the trees of Provo Canyon, or swimming beneath a tropical, Hawaiian waterfall, I’ve usually got a few bumps and bruises to show for it.

If traveling were free, you’d probably never see me again, but could certainly find me at Newport Beach with a good book and strawberry shake in hand, most likely listening to Taylor Swift or Vampire Weekend. A cold-blooded, reptilian-like creature, I enjoy the hot sunshine, bright colors, and a steaming bowl of Vietnamese soup. You’ll generally find me baking up something sweet, watching a good movie, taking my beloved pup, Roxy to the park, hanging with my family, hitting the shops downtown, or napping…naturally.

I’m so excited to be a part of BSA and hope to contribute to its legacy. If you have any questions regarding my profession or interests, feel free to give me a shout! See you around!


Author: Makenzie Wistisen | is a Marketing Associate for the Boy Scouts of America-Utah National Parks Council, Communications major from BYU, outdoor enthusiast, and lover of chocolate.

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