By Melany Gardner
May 21, 2016

How the Utah National Parks Council is Addressing Your Scouting Concerns

It’s important for any organization to seek feedback from their customers, to evaluate service, measure effectiveness, and make changes as necessary. In the case of the Utah National Parks Council, BSA, concern for the welfare of young people and our volunteers who deliver the program compels us to seek comments from those we serve to make meaningful goals and improve service. Here are some of the concerns from our volunteers that came up in a recent survey and how we are moving forward to address them.

See the previous article for a description on the research process we went through, why the Utah National Parks Council does research, and who is our customer and influencers. For the final report of the research, click here: LDS BSA Survey Report April 2016. Full Survey Report Index.

Below, you’ll find quotes taken from important topics from the survey, followed by what the Utah National Parks Council is currently working on to serve volunteers in each area.


communication 1

communication 2

This very blog and newsletter is a great example of how we are working to improve communication across the Council. Bi-monthly we sent out a newsletter to all registered volunteers in the Council which includes information about upcoming events, inspiring stories and how-tos to help you in your Scouting role. We are working on making the “The Boy Scout” and the newsletter as pertinent to your needs as possible. Give us your feedback in the comments on the articles and let us know how we’re doing. We also take requests for articles if there is a particular subject that you would like addressed, or you can submit your own.

We are also looking into ways to lessen the volume of email volunteers receive about Scouting to avoid email fatigue and information overload.


training 1

training 2

Many of you have been anxiously awaiting an online Scout training solution and we’re happy to announce the time has nearly arrived and we can hardly wait for the beta testing and review to be complete. Available soon, Scoutmasters serving in LDS chartered units in the Utah National Parks Council will be able to receive supplemental Scoutmaster training online that will be specifically tailored to their LDS needs.

These online courses are being developed to make training more accessible to volunteers, so that they can learn more about their roles and resources more readily and at their own pace. The LDS Scoutmaster supplemental training is only the first of many more online training courses we’re developing to help you get trained, feel confident in your role as a mentor of young men, and ultimately run a better program for the the youth. Cub Scout Leader training is already available online through Scouting U.

LDS Church Alignment

lds alignment 1

lds alignment 2

Have you heard of the Six Pillars of Being Prepared also known as the “Why Scouting Matters” document yet? The six pillars were developed from an earlier survey to stake presidents and bishops on why scouting matters and have since been implemented into all parts of the program from our summer camps, to district roundtables.

why scouting matters with titlesThe LDS-BSA Relationships Committee meet monthly to ensure the Council and Church alignment. This committee is chaired by Elder Dale H. Munk, Area Seventy for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, who was assigned by the Seven Presidents of the Seventy to serve in this function. He, along with the committee composed of local Church leaders, are deeply involved in the decision process for the Council at the highest level.

Also, district key 3s are meeting face-to-face with stake presidencies to discuss the needs of the youth in their stakes and how Scouting can help them accomplish their goals for the youth. This focused service has proved to strengthen relationships, creating a united program determined to better serve the youth.

Financial Cost to Scouting

cost of scouting

While uniforms are distributed and sold by the the National BSA Council, Stan Lockhart, Utah National Parks Council President, has made it clear what his priorities are to help the cost of the Scouting for families. Online Registration and Affordable Uniforms, is the title of Stan’s article where he mentions the work he is doing to appeal the National BSA Council on the issue.

The Utah National Park Council’s 12 Scout camps are also hard at work to improve facilities and thus the value of the camp cost. Early bird discounts, improved program offerings and other measures are being taken at our camps to ensure a worthwhile and safe camping experience for all at one of the lowest costs per Scout in the nation.


You spoke, we listened. The Utah National Parks Council will always be in the business of saving youth. We do this by working together to build a quality program supported by focused service and concerned leaders. Help us build a better future for our boys.

Let us know what you think about some of  the initiatives we’re working on in the comments.

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Author: Melany Gardner | “The Boy Scout” Editor and Marketing Specialist, Utah National Parks Council

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5 thoughts on “How the Utah National Parks Council is Addressing Your Scouting Concerns

  1. AvatarSkeptcal Skouter

    Please release ALL the raw data from the survey, especially the narrative answers. Your edited version lacks credibility.

    1. Melany GardnerMelany Gardner Post author

      Please feel welcome to come into the Council Service Center in Orem and you can read the full survey answers. We were unable to publish them because the file is too large, but we have a few printed versions for anyone to come have a look at.

        1. Melany GardnerMelany Gardner Post author

          We’ve finally got all of the index onto one file. The article now includes all of in the comments from the survey. Check it out as a link at the top.


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