By Maloree Anderson
Jun 06, 2015

Be Social With Us

Would you like to see the latest Scouting updates? Want to find an attention catching Cub Scout activity? Don’t know what to do as a brand new Scoutmaster? Great news! Utah National Parks Council can answer all your Scouting answers through social media!

Go here to see all of your social media platforms and how we use each of them to keep you in the know about Scouting:

UNPC Facebook

Some of the Utah National Parks Council Facebook pages.

Utah National Parks Council utilizes many social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Flickr, Google +, YouTube, Blog, you name it. Each platform has a specific purpose in Scouting and is used on a daily basis to reach out to those who are in the Scouting community and to even those outside of the Scouting community. As a whole, our social media platforms are all meant to target the culture of our audience, show different perspectives, display the morals of Scouting, share the latest Scouting videos, engage Scouting discussions, send updates and news, and provide helpful information so that you can succeed in Scouting.

unpc pinterest

Some of the Utah National Parks Council Pinterest boards.

You don’t have to be apart of Scouting to participate in the Council’s social media. You don’t even have to be apart of the Council. Anyone can like, follow, pin, post, tweet uplifting, helpful, and informative items to each platform. Want to share your Scout Camp experience to others outside of your Council? No problem. Utah National Parks Council has the tools you need to stay connected to the Scouting community.

unpc flickr

The Utah National Parks Council Flickr home page.

Hashtags are a great way of staying connected and seeing what others are talking about on a subject you’re interested in. Hashtags (#) are linked to topics or keywords and, when clicked on, will take the user to a page of the  same hashtag that others around the world have used. Below are the Council’s official  hashtags used throughout its social media sites. Feel welcome to use these hashtags when posting about your Scouting activity.

unpc hashtags

Go to, at the very bottom of the main page you will see links that, if clicked on, will take you to a landing page where you will be able to learn about all that the Utah National Parks Council has to offer. Explore each link and find what works best for you. Even though you may not be familiar or use a certain platform, you may find that it will give you everything you need to know in Scouting!

The Council wants you to be achieving your goals for your youth. These social media platforms were created for YOU. Engage in conversations, follow posts that pertain to you, apply what you have read, and stay informed. Take advantage of the Utah National Parks Council social media platforms and it will guide you in your Scouting endeavors.

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Author: Maloree Anderson is a photographer, graphic designer, mom of one, friend of Scouting and Marketing Specialist with the Utah National Parks Council, BSA.

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