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Apr 02, 2014

Boy Scouts receive $2,500 grant to fund Learning for Life

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Boy Scouts receive $2,500 grant from Rocky Mountain Power Foundation to fund Learning for Life

Orem, UT, April 2, 2014 – Good character is not formed automatically. It is learned through personal experience and positive examples.

Learning for Life, a subsidiary program of the Utah National Parks Council, Boy Scouts of America, has received a $2,500 grant from the Rocky Mountain Power Foundation to fund character education.

Learning for Life is an ongoing character education program that was developed in 1991 by Boy Scouts of America to reach co-educational and sociological populations untouched by traditional Scouting programs. The program includes character education, career exploration, and outdoor learning. The curriculum is taught in elementary, junior high, high school, and special needs classrooms primarily in low-income schools. The program is implemented in Title I (Disadvantaged) and Title VII (Native American) schools in six Utah school districts and eight juvenile justice rehabilitation centers.

When students learn the importance of values like integrity and perseverance, all aspects of their lives are positively impacted, including school performance. Teachers report that within weeks of beginning the Learning for Life curriculum, the classroom environment improves. Teachers also report that Learning for Life improves test scores, reduces negative classroom behaviors, and increases attendance.

“Through the Learning for Life program, a school will be able to access Scouts camps and Scouting infrastructure to use nature as a laboratory for self-discovery,” said Ann Shumway, the Learning for Life Director.  “The program has a very flexible approach allowing the administrators and teachers to implement the program in the way that is best for the children in their school.”

The Utah National Parks Council is accepting donations to help expand our Learning for Life program to more youth in central and southern Utah.

For more information on the Utah National Parks Council or how you can support Scouting efforts, please visit or call Liz Merrell at (801) 437-4777.

Note to Editor: The Utah National Parks Council serves Juab, Utah, Wasatch, Duchesne, Uintah, Carbon, Sanpete, Millard, Emery, Grand, Sevier, Beaver, Piute, Wayne, Iron, Garfield, Washington, Kane, and San Juan counties. The six Utah school districts that use the program are the Provo, Nebo, Alpine, San Juan, Duchesne, and Millard school districts.


Contact: Liz Merrell

Development Director, Utah National Parks Council

(801) 437-4477

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One thought on “Boy Scouts receive $2,500 grant to fund Learning for Life

  1. Susan CheeverSusan Cheever

    Classroom teachers are in the best position to evaluate the effectiveness of Learning for Life and also to decide how it can most effectively be implemented in their classrooms. It is impressive that teachers are observing improvement in both behavior and attendance within weeks of beginning the curriculum. It’s wonderful that the program allows enough flexibility for teachers and administrators can decide how it will be implemented.


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