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By Madison Austin
Mar 12, 2019

Church Groups can use Council Scout Camps for their own Programs, Even Past 2019

Scouting is not going anywhere after 2019, and neither are the many camps in our Council that have become the well-known and beloved sites for church encampments, youth conferences, father and son campouts, girls camps, and more. And just because the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is moving away from the Scouting program and towards a new, worldwide youth program, doesn’t mean your family, ward, or stake can’t still take advantage of the campgrounds and amenities we have developed all over Utah. 

Take a look at the diverse opportunities you can find for your church group at our properties, this year and beyond, and how the Church’s new program will work at our camps. 

The Church’s New Youth Program

Just like Scouting and the Young Women’s programs, outdoor components will be a significant part of the Church’s new youth program. In FAQs about this program, the Church explains that “camps and other outdoor activities will be an important part of gospel learning, building relationships, and strengthening faith in Jesus Christ.” By putting an emphasis on the importance of outdoor activities, youth will have experiences where they can get away from technology, solve problems, and do meaningful activities with their peers and mentors.

The Church has also noted that children and youth “may participate in Primary day camps, Young Women camps, Young Men camps, and high adventure activities. Local leaders, youth, and parents will identify and provide outdoor activities that invite spiritual experiences and meet the needs of their children and youth.” These activities will allow leaders to spend quality time with their youth to help them come unto Christ, build their testimonies, and connect them with heaven. 

Being in the outdoors provides challenges for youth that will help them grow and learn to be away from home for extended periods of time, which becomes important preparation for those who choose to serve missions. By learning to do hard things – like planning for a camping trip, cooking their own meals, and surviving in the outdoors – youth become stronger and develop their self worth and confidence. 

Church Use of Scout Camps

At the Utah National Parks Council, we believe that youth thrive through outdoor experiences. We have built 13 camps with different amenities and features that are meant to be used by the public. Your church group can continue to use these properties even after 2019. 

What to expect at a Council camp

  • Our Properties – We have 13 camps you can bring your youth groups to in our Council. Each property offers different amenities. You can find out more about which camp fits your group’s needs HERE. 
  • Programs – The Council does not create a program for you, but offers space, amenities, and activities. We offer the expertise to help your program succeed. This includes trained personnel, safety control, and liability coverage. 
  • Pricing – Prices range wildly, depending on the amenities you choose for your group. Simply coming to one of our camps to use our campsites and the public amphitheater will basically just cost you the price of the campsites. Renting our stake activity centers for large events or bigger groups will add to your cost. Activities like ropes courses, kayaking, shooting, etc. will also be an additional price per person to cover the cost of the trained staff we provide. You can even choose to include meal plans for your group. This pricing system allows you to completely customize your stay according to your budget, desired experiences, your group size, and more.


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