By Michelle Carpenter
May 02, 2017

Answered Prayers? Cub Advancement Is Now More Flexible

Den leaders tried the new Cub Scouting program out for a year. They experienced the great and the problematic. Wanting to know how things went, the BSA used their ears to hear the leaders out.

Then, they modified accordingly . Want advancement to be a bit more flexible? Well, over the past year, it has been! 

The BSA says the following about new modifications:

These modifications are designed to keep those Cub Scouts in the program and have them be successful in advancement. It is hoped that as leaders and parents embrace these changes the Cub Scout program will continue to provide quality experiences for Cub Scouts for many years to come.The new program modifications may be found here.

The modified adventures and their respective requirements may be used with the current handbooks; relevant changes to handbook content will take place in subsequent editions.

They continue: 

Leaders will find these changes provide more flexibility as they provide a program that supports advancement for all Cub Scouts. With the modifications, dens should be able to complete one adventure in approximately two den meetings. Similarly, adventures that previously required den or pack camping (unless the chartered unit does not allow camping) have been made more accommodating by giving options for either camping, day camp, resident camp, or an outdoor activity. Fewer required activities per adventure allow dens the opportunity to use the optional requirements to customize their program.

One particular change that both Cub Scout and Boy Scout leaders should be aware of is found in the Arrow of Light required adventure: Scouting Adventure. This adventure had previously aligned with the Scout rank, the initial Boy Scout rank. The Scout rank states that if the Scout completed the requirements as part of the Webelos Scouting Adventure, he must simply demonstrate his knowledge or skills to the Scoutmaster or other designated leader after joining the troop. Aside from some minor word changes, the newly adopted modifications have removed a requirement that is found in the Scout rank, and have also made a few of the requirements optional for completion of the Adventure, which are not optional in the Scout rank.

Learn more about the Scouting Adventure requirement here

I know flexibility is great in any almost any aspect of life. Now, things are a bit more flexible for the Cubs. Adventures are more accommodating and allow customization. 

How have the new modifications influenced your den? Let us know.



Author: Michelle Carpenter | Marketing Associate, Utah National Parks Council

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