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Nov 15, 2013

Cub Scout Thanksgiving Ideas

This Cub Scout Thanksgiving Packet was created specifically for the holiday. It includes activities for Cub Scouts and their siblings including Faith in God and Cub Scout/Webelos Advancement. The Theme is American Indians from Illinois, but there is information on the Internet about Indians from other parts of the country. The American Indian Sign Language was developed by the Plains Indians long before International Sign Language was developed and adopted universally for the deaf.


• Use your Wolf and Bear Books as resources on how to do some of the projects lists.

• Make sure you update Packmaster or give us a list of the requirements you completed.

I included fun activities for Primary children of all ages. So you can complete the projects with your
family and friends over the Thanksgiving Weekend.

Assignment: With your family write a story using the American Indian Sign Language and prepare to present it at the December Pack Meeting. You can wear the costumes you make over your uniform and bring models of Indian homes, Indian games, musical instruments, and any other items you make over the Thanksgiving holiday. Finally, if you take pictures make a page to include in your Cub Scout Scrapbook.

Have Fun!!!

Click here for 30 page pdf.file Cub Scout Thanksgiving Packet

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