By Grant Hansen
Feb 18, 2015

An Eagle Scout and His Olympic Gold Medal

Cedar BikeSam was an Eagle Scout in our Boy Scout Troop. As he became a venture crew member he decided that he wanted to be in the Olympics and win a Gold Medal. Well, at least the Utah Summer Games in Cedar City, Utah. He took up cycling and Mountain biking. He biked all year long and practiced very hard for the race all of the next summer in Cedar City, Utah. He was very dedicated.

Finally came time for the Games. The race course went out of the Stadium, around the city, up the Canyon towards Cedar Breaks National Park, and back down to finish in the Thunderbird Stadium. Sam was giving it his all. He made it to the top of the course and as he came down the canyon, he found himself not only in first place in his age group, but in second place overall of all age groups.

bike accidentHe could see the leader ahead of him and kept him in his view. As they came into a sharp corner, the man in the lead hit some gravel and his bike went crashing off the road. In an instant Sam had to make a decision.

All of the moral training that he had and that had helped him become who he was flashed across his mind, which then came head to head with his Gold Medal. Does he stop and help the injured man, who was his competition, which would keep him from reaching his gold medal or does he speed past putting himself in first place and his goal of a gold medal? What about all his early morning training, sacrifice, and hard work? In an instant Sam made a decision. Without crashing himself, he stopped and began rendering first aid, which  he had learned as a Boy Scout, to the man.

One by one the other bikers zoomed past him in their blaze of glory to sure medals. Sam continued to render service to the man and put the man’s bike back together. Then they rode back together, limping on down the canyon to the stadium finish line.

Sam did not win a gold medal that day or any other color of medal. What he earned that day was far more than any gold medal. Which of the Scout Laws did Sam live that day?

A Scout is….

Grant Hansen
Author:  Grant Hansen  | Alpine District Executive, Utah National Parks Council, Boy Scouts of America

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  1. Nev Diradooriann

    Where did you get that Eagle Scout Cycle Jersey? I have been searching for a couple of them for a long time.

    Nev Diradoorian
    Verdugo Hills Council
    Glendale, CA


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