By Michelle Carpenter
May 25, 2017

Three Obvious Reasons Your Family Should Go Camping at Scout Camp

If you think Scout camp is just for your kids, think again.

Parents aren’t content anymore to just hang back as their kids have all the fun adventuring with other people.  According to the New York Times, summer camp for the whole family is trending.  “Now, resorts — some luxe, others more basic — are offering more than s’mores for family stays.” 

For those of you who want to bond outdoors with your children, we offer our camps for families to book. Here are three reasons to choose one of our thirteen Scout camps for your family time:

1. Realize More

Most campgrounds offer outdoor nature and a fire pit. A Scout camp offers a whole lot more. There’s plenty for you and your relatives to enjoy: archery, shooting, rock climbing, zip lining, COPES course, aquatics, etc. Options depend on the camp.  

2. Relish Outdoor Beauty

From the desert formations of Moab to a newly renovated waterfront, Scout sites stay clean and gorgeous. Unlike many campgrounds, employees participate in clean ups. Scouts learn to follow ‘leave no trace’ principles. You can enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors without running into gross left behind camping refuse.

3. Relive Old Memories

You remember the days of goofing around, performing skits, and doing crazy things with your pals. Take advantage of a Scout camp to share memories and learning experiences with your kids. You’re not too old to participate in the fun and games of past days. 

Summer camp may be for kids. But, it is for you too! Families can—and should—participate in outdoor adventures together. As the saying goes, “A family that plays together, stays together.” 

Fill out this interest survey to figure out exactly which camp will best fit your summer adventure hopes, and a council member will get in contact with you. Additionally, you can contact John Gailey at 


Author: Michelle Carpenter | Marketing Associate, Utah National Parks Council.

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One thought on “Three Obvious Reasons Your Family Should Go Camping at Scout Camp

  1. Tyler NorthTyler North

    I remember visiting Camp Fleischmann where I went as a Scout, in the off-season one year. I was in the town nearby visiting family in September, and thought to drive out there and see it again. There were some families camping around the lake, and I thought “how cool is that, that I could come back and camp where I used to go as a kid”.


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