By Aubrey Carpenter
Dec 24, 2015

Games for Heroes

Whether you’re a Scout looking for ideas for your Eagle Project or just want to make a difference this Christmas Season, you may be able to find inspiration from this simple story of service. Two teenagers wanted to show their support for their heroes, and in doing so became heroes themselves through a hobby that most teenage boys share a love for—video games.

15-year-old Peter Gallagher and Jack Wilson, both teenagers who love playing video gamesgames for heroes, found out that U.S. troops overseas have rare access to game systems. So the teens decided to put collection boxes in local schools, churches, and fire stations.

“It was amazing how many people had old games lying around,” said Jack.

They also ask the kids who donate their games to write a short note to a soldier.

Before long, “Games for Heroes” was born, with Peter and Jack collecting new and used handheld video games and gaming systems, sending them to soldiers stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“A lot of the troops are not much older than us. The games help take their minds off things,” said Peter. The troops have let them know how much fun the games bring and some soldiers re-gift their systems when their stints are up, leaving them behind for others to play.

In two years, Sony, Electronic Arts, Capcom, and G-Net donated about 1,000 games, enabling the charity to distribute more than $100,000 in games and systems to troops.

games for heroes1“We’re in this for the long haul,” said Peter. “We’ll ship games to our heroes until the last soldier comes home.”

Finding true purpose in life is a key many never find. Locking in on a reason to wake up and live life each day is an amazing gift. It doesn’t have to be a complicated plan, in fact, often those who find purpose discover how simple it is.

Strength for Service

Whether you’re a Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Venturer, or leader, you have a purpose and something only you can contribute. May we all have the faith and self-confidence we need to reach our full potential and not be afraid to make a difference.

Have you ever done something hard that made someone’s life better? Or maybe someone blessed your life in some way? We’d love to learn about your experiences in the comments.

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