By Tyler North
Jun 09, 2017

Do More for Girls Camp: Visit a Boy Scout Camp

“What is that girl doing here? This is the BOY Scouts of America, not the Girl Scouts! They aren’t even wearing the Boy Scout uniform, they’re wearing something else!” one young boy remarked to his mom.

Sitting in front of the closing ceremonies to the Timberline at Scofield, this youngster had some interesting questions. He obviously felt perplexed by seeing girls in a Venturing uniform at a Boy Scout camp. I wanted so badly to show this young boy just how many girls were involved at camp the day before.

This last Friday at Scofield Scout Camp, while Timberline was still going on, we hosted 40 girls as part of their girls camp. They camped since Wednesday at a site about 15 miles away, and made the trip to Scofield for a day of fun. Leaders felt excited to bring the girls because the girls wanted to go. They had begged the adults saying “we want to do what all the boys get to do at Scout camp!”

The day started off with a “sacred grove moment” at the amphitheater in the trees on the hillside. The girls did personal scripture study for a while. Then, they came together to talk about what they had learned. It was so peaceful sitting there in the grass, with nothing but the sound of the cicadas and the wind blowing through the trees.

After being spiritually fed, it was time to have some fun on the water and at the shooting sports ranges. Even in the strong winds on the lake, the girls had a blast on the paddle boards and kayaks. The girls proudly showed me their paper targets after shooting .22 rifles on the range. Girls hit the bullseye with their bows at the archery range, screaming in enthusiasm.  For some, it was the first time ever shooting a gun or using a bow and arrow.

Overall, the girls camp day visit was successful, and they all had fun. I was able to talk to leaders who wished they had known about something like this earlier. There are so many places that girls in the council can go camping like Beaver High Adventure base.

If you or your Young Women group are interested in using any of the Boy Scout camps in the Council, please contact the Orem office for more information.



Author: Tyler North | Hispanic Outreach Specialist, Utah National Parks Council 

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