By Madison Austin
May 16, 2017

Girl’s Camp at Boy Scout Camp

Throughout my young teenage years, there was one thing that was a constant in my life. No arguing about it, Girl’s Camp happened every summer. My first year or so, I dreaded camp. I did not look forward to a week without showers in the humid forests of Northern Virginia. As I got older, however, I grew to appreciate and even love those weeks where I could spend a part of my summer camping, hiking, and learning.

Girls at Boy Scout Camp

Camp Snyder

One of the best opportunities I had at Girl’s Camp was when our stake went camping at William B. Snyder, which was a Boy Scout camp. Set in the woods of Northern Virginia, Camp Snyder was a dream come true for girl campers (mostly due to its pool and air-conditioned cafeteria).

Looking back, Camp Snyder was quite a beneficial place for our group of girls. Growing up, there are a lot of things that your parents make you do because they know it will be good for you, even if you are not too excited about it. Girl’s Camp was no exception to that for many of the girls who went. Because of the resources at Camp Snyder, however, many of those girls had a unique and enjoyable experience that changed their minds about camping, outdoor activities and trying new things.  As it turns out, Boy Scout camp is not just for Boys. The many resources of Camp Snyder allowed us to have the best year at Girl’s Camp yet. 

Army-green tents are the standard at Camp Snyder.

Not only did we have a pool, we also had an archery range, multiple hiking trails, and glamorous army-green colored tents on raised platforms. This was all a big step up from our mice-ridden cabins from years past.

Camp Snyder also provided a new place for us to practice our outdoor skills that were required for camp certification. Our week at Camp Snyder felt special, and we found a new passion for the things we were learning. Camp must be important if we had to go to such a special place for it, right?

The camp offered us over 300 acres of forest, wetlands, nature trails, and open space. We practiced our water safety on the nearby ponds. Together, we learned outdoor cooking skills in the pavilions of the many camping sites.

We built fires around the inside of the huge fire pit at the center of the camp. We learned about our surroundings on every forest hike. Others trained us on first aid in the open fields.

Most importantly, we learned about our sisters and fellow daughters of God as we fostered a growing relationship with each other.

I have carried with me the many skills that I learned at camp. It was a seminal week for both me and my fellow Young Women, and I am grateful for the opportunity that Camp Snyder offered us. It was a special experience to share a Boy Scout Camp, one that helped develop lifetime skills and lasting memories.

The Utah National Parks Council offers its camps to ward and stakes for any purpose including Girl’s Camp. Click here for more information on how to use Boy Scout camps and facilities for your purposes. 


Author: Madison Austin | Marketing Associate, Utah National Parks Council 

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2 thoughts on “Girl’s Camp at Boy Scout Camp

  1. Annaleis SmithAnnaleis Smith

    My memories of girls camp all happened at our local Boy Scout camp in northern California. The entire stake would be there for the week using all the facilities and amenities that the camp provided. Great Memories!

  2. AvatarMichelle Carpenter

    I remember having a lot of Girls Camps out on a dusty mountain. I was always jealous when I heard about my cousins getting to go to a place with a swimming pool, mess hall, and cabins.

    Finally, I got to go to a Scout Camp for Girl’s Camp and that was awesome. It’s really nice to let the girls in on all the fun sometimes. The UNPC has some crazy cool things at their Scout camps–shooting, archery, COPE course, aquatics, etc.

    I really hope people take advantage of it, so their girls can have a really unique camp experience.


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