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Nov 27, 2013

Highland Boy Scout Joins Effort for Philippines Typhoon Victims

SALT LAKE CITY — A group of Utahns who had served LDS missions in the Philippines in the 1990s began sending aid to the typhoon victims and Tuesday a Boy Scout decided to join their efforts.

The group of former LDS missionaries began sending people and relief supplies to the people in the Philippines after the devastating storm. Austin Bailey from Highland said he heard about the initiative on and he wanted to help.

“I learned about it on KSL,” Bailey said. “I read the story about how devastating it was and that’s when I wanted to start helping. And I just hope everything will turn out well for the people in the Philippines.”

Dozens of volunteers from the neighborhood arrived at Bailey’s house Tuesday to help him sort hundreds of pounds of goods. He collected clothes, shoes, diapers, baby formula and hygiene and medical kits. He said they are trying to prioritize what food to send immediately and load it on pallets.

Global Goods also helped with the project that Boy Scout, Bailey has now taken on as his Eagle Project.

“We’re in communication with the groups that we’re sending,” said Global Goods President Brian Oaks. “We’ve had over 85 different volunteers that have said, ‘I’m willing to pay. I’m willing to go. Organize a group for me.’ So that’s what we’ve been doing.”

Individuals participating with Global Goods said they are determined to press on with the cause as long as necessary. Those on the ground in the Philippines say the need after the typhoon will not end for years.

The men who served missions in the Philippines in the 1990s plan to keep the relief flowing.

Author: Carole Mikita, “Highland Boy Scout gathers donations for Philippines typhoon victims.”

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