By Dave Olpin
Jun 11, 2013

I’ll try

As the story goes, there was a small village in a distant land many years ago.  The villagers were a happy group of people.  The village, however, was unusual because in its center they kept a large log that contained their history.

As times changed, the villagers found it very necessary to move to a new location.  But they all asked what will we do with our precious log of our history?

They asked many people in the village.   Could you take our log?” And each one would say,”I cannot take the log. I have ALL of my own things that I must take.”

After much searching they finally came to a certain young man and asked him. He said, “I don’t know if I can make the trip with my things and the log as well———-but I’ll try.”

As they set out on the long journey, the youth decided that if he was going to stay with the group, he would have to get up very early in the morning, well before the others, and indeed he did. And, he was always late in the evening, the very last, to reach the new campsite.  Well after all the others.

As they journeyed further, the youth, though struggling with his load, he gradually found that he could leave camp at about the same time as the others and still arrive at the new campsite not so late in the evening.

Still later in the journey, he found that he could keep up with the caravan, leaving when they did, and arriving when they did.

During the latter part of the journey some of the villagers were even asking if they could put some of their things on his load, which he accepted.

And further in the journey, he was selected and was able to scout out on ahead of the group and find the next campsite.

Finally, when they reached their new destination, the villagers all agreed that the young man should be their new leader—and all because he said, “I’ll try.” 


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