By Tennys Bird
May 02, 2014

Influential Women in Scouting

Sheree Jacobson is the heart of Scouting in her unit. She is tireless in her efforts to meet the needs sheree Jacobsonof each boy. She has mentored every boy in her unit in some way. Sheree has 3 Eagle Scout sons, and has helped countless others on their road to Eagle. She promotes being a fully trained leader and teaches classes at roundtable. She is also Wood Badge trained. Sheree has been actively involved in scouting for over 25 years.

Carolyn Engstrom has served as a Cub Scout leader to generations of boys. Her consistent, reliable Carolyn-Lyons-Engstromand cheerful leadership skills have been a blessing to boys and their families. She is always cheerful, kind and patient. She goes out of her way to help with the individual needs of boys. Carolyn has served faithfully in Scouting for 30 years.


Colleen Scholz is an outstanding example of Scout spirit. She is always cheerful as she serves. She Colleen Scholzintegrates the Patrol method to guide and encourage “her” boys, but in the end it is her great love for them that inspires and motivates them to progress. Colleen embodies all the values of the scout oath and law. Colleen has served in Scouting for more than 20 years, she has been a pillar of support in her unit  and district.

Gayle Moore has been a great leader for 22 years in Scouting.  She has served in many capacities Moore_Gayleincluding as a Committee Chair, Den Leader and Merit Badge Councilor. She has been very involved with Eagle Projects. Gayle has been an extremely valuable leader in her unit. She also helped her sons earn the rank of Eagle.



Julene Furr has been a Wolf leader, Bear leader and Webelos leader. She has even served as a Julene Furrleader of all 3 at the same time! Julene is the go-to person for all Scouting activities. She encourages the boys to internalize their scouting experience and not just make it a checklist of something to do. She assisted her 5 sons in receiving the rank of Eagle Scout. Julene has served for over 27 years in Scouting.


Corinne Macbean has been involved in scouting since 1982. She has served boys and youth for 32 Corinne McBeanyears. She has set aside her own personal desires to assist with every aspect of Scouting. She has been a devoted supporter of her husband in his significant Scout positions.  She proudly assisted all 4 sons on their road to Eagle. Corinne has successfully completed Wood Badge training.


Jill Taylor has promoted Scouting continually for the past 28 years. She diligently works with the Jill_Taylorboys to ensure their success. She also takes time to train leaders. Her enthusiasm and consistent leadership has sustained the Scouting program in her unit. Her kind, cheerful, and honest ways have benefitted scouts and leaders alike.



Deb Jones has been actively involved in scouting for 30 years. Her 3 sons are Eagle scouts and she DeborahJonesactively recruits new scouts. Deb is a true example of the scout law and oath. She conducts herself with integrity and honor in every aspect of her life. She ensures that all areas of scouting are functioning in her unit and that the needs of the boys are met.


Esther Hepworth’s example of the values of Scouting shows in everything she does! She has Esther Hepworthtirelessly served for well over 30 years in the LaVerkin area. She has served in Scouting in many different capacities. Esther has been extremely influential in helping boys get their awards on time and she pushes gently for each one to progress to the rank of Eagle.


Vicki Stulce has dedicated countless hours in Scouting with her son. She has helped her learning-Vicki Stulcedisabled son earn every one of the 136 merit badges offered by the Boy Scouts of America. She said she loves the Scouting program because it gives boys positive things to do.

Nancy Brimhall has served in Scouting for more than 20 years. She serves in the Alpine District, NancyBrimhallteaching and training in multiple capacities. She goes to day camp just to help, even when she doesn’t have a pack to take. Nancy spent three years working with a non-denominational, Spanish-speaking pack in Provo. She is a recipient of the Silver Beaver award.

Barbara Nielson has been involved in all aspects of Scouting for more than 30 years. She is the Barbara Nielsonmother of six Eagle Scouts. She has taught her sons and daughters to live all aspects of the Scout Law. Her character demonstrates a commitment to all things good.

Sharlene Skidmore has been a leader in Scouting for 30 years; she has worked with youth for 38 Sharlene Skidmoreyears.  She has served in many unit, district and council positions. She is the Course Director for the UNPC’s only co-ed Venturing Timberline NYLT Course. She is Wood Badge trained. She ensures that the boys reach First Class before they turn 12.

Kris Van Wagoner has devoted more than 30 years of her life to Scouting. She epitomizes Scouting valueKris VanWagoners; she is trustworthy and eager to serve. She has made an impact at all levels of Scouting. She willingly sacrifices for the benefit of the boys.

Kathy Tibbs has planned several Pow Wows and helped with district camps  lkathy 3ike  Klondike. It is estimated she has helped at least 720 young men receive their Eagle rank. All of her own sons achieved the rank of Eagle. She has been in Scouting for more than 24 years.

Thea Buell has served in many Scouting positions in the New Mexico Conquistador Council, and is Thea buellcurrently serving as advancement chairman in the Mt. Nebo District. She is Wood Badge trained, and known to be creative in planning meaningful and instructive activities that keep boys excited about Cub Scouting.

Zaneta Hendrickson has been in Scouting for the last 35 years. She serves the boys in the Heber zaneta Hendricksonarea. If one were to add total years for each position held in Scouting, her service would exceed 100 years total. She has served on staff for 7 Wood Badge courses.  Zaneta is held in high regard within her unit and district.

DaLayn Bing has served in Scouting for more than 25 years.  She serves in her local unit and in the DaLayn Bingdistrict. She ensures that all the boys’ needs are met, all the way through to the rank of Eagle. Her family has received the Scouting Family of the Year Award.



MelanyRuth Marie Parker has been involved with Scouting. She has given over 48 years in service    to youth. One of the amazing things about Ruth is that she never complains. Ruth is Wood Badge trained. She has served in numerous positions and has assisted specialty units such as a Tongan unit in California where she earned the nickname “The Scout Lady”.

Lorie RicksLorie Ricks always goes above and beyond the call of duty in her support of youth. She loves them and treats each young man as if they were the most important. Lorie has 3 sons who are Eagle Scouts. She has encouraged and assisted a great number of young men to complete the rank of Eagle. She has exceptional character, she is always smiling and helpful. Lorie is a significant supporter of Scouting.


Kaye CarterKaye Carter has served in Scouting and supported her husband in Scouting for the past 55 years she has mentored 3 sons and 8 grandsons on the road to Eagle. In support of Scouting, she has traveled to Tahiti, attended 4 National Jamborees and many Council Jamborees. Oneparent wrote a note to her saying:  You are an amazing Scout leader and so dependable and consistent. The boys really look up to you and I know as a parent how much you do for these boys!

Debbie GrimmDebbie Grimm has served for more than 25 years in Scouting. She has been involved in just about every position in Scouting, sometimes three or four positions at the same time. She serves with enthusiasm and excitement.  Debbie makes sure that the boys feel wanted, important and loved. She makes sure that no one is left out. Debbie is a go-to Scout Lady, she gives 100% all the time.


Betty HerbertBetty Jean Herbert is a true Scouter.  She promotes the values of Scouting wherever she goes. She has served in many capacities on the unit and district level.  She is focused and determined as she promotes the whole development of boys and young men. She has been an influence for good and served in scouting for 31+ years.


Selma PorterSelma Porter’s enthusiasm and positive attitude generate energy in everyone around her. She has served in Scouting for 40+ years. She has been a leader on the unit and district levels. She has supported an active scouter husband, scout sons and grandson. Her influence promoting scouting values is evident in everything she does.



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