By Fox 13 News
Nov 18, 2013

Learning for Life Explorer Program Prepares Teens for Police Work

SALT LAKE CITY — Many kids dream of being a police officers, and the Salt Lake City Police Department wants to help them see if it’s really a good fit as a career.


The department has an academy for teenagers who want to go into law enforcement, and it’s called the Law Enforcement Explorer Program.

Deputy Chief Lee Dobrowolski of the Salt Lake City Police Department said it’s a chance for kids to volunteer their time and learn by shadowing real cops.

“This program grabs these kids between the ages of 14 and 20, so we give them a positive outlook and some structure,” he said. “And try to show them, if you follow this plan, regardless of what you choose to do in life: You can be successful.”

The cadets have to pass a background check and make it through an interview to get into the youth academy, after that they can go into the field with police officers. The idea is that many of the teens will continue on and become cops themselves.

“It’s great because it shows them the choices they make today can impact them down the road as far as job opportunities,” said Detective Veronica Montoya.

Teens can apply for the program by filling out an application on the Salt Lake City Police Department’s website


See Ashton Goodell, “Explorer Program Prepares Teens for Police Work,” (2013, November 16), Fox 13 News.

The Learning for Life Explorer program “…contributes to the healthy development of today’s young adults by providing them with the environment, resources, and relationships they need to learn and grow.” [1]

For more information on the Explorer Program or to find out how your organization can get involved, contact Ann Shumway at or 801-437-6218.

Since 1991 the Learning for Life character education program has offered school based lessons and activities to youth in the Utah National Parks Council, Boy Scouts of America territory. The Learning for Life program currently serves 9,073 youth in schools, clubs and organizations throughout central and southern Utah.


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