By Colin Wylie
May 14, 2017

Life Lessons from My Scouting Mom

Each year in May, we have the wonderful opportunity to celebrate the significant role of motherhood. We buy cards, flowers and often will make breakfast in bed. In Scouting, we recognize the critical influence that our Scouting Moms have on the development of the individual and the planting of faith in each Scout. Like in the account of the stripling warriors in The Book of Mormon, we see the correlation that our Scouts have “been taught by their mothers, that if they did not doubt, God would deliver them” (Alma 56:47).

Growing up, I was very fortunate to not only have a mother that was supportive, but one that was extremely involved in Scouting. As a local and regional leader in British Columbia, Canada, she spent countless hours planning activities, working on merit badges and learning to tie the perfect sheet bend knot with licorice. The life lessons taught by my mother are not unique to herself, but they are shared with Scouting Moms throughout the world. Let me expound on a few of the important characteristics and values that I learned firsthand from my mother.


Anything can be created from nothing, and that included a sizable percentage of the recycled materials from our home: Gems like neckerchief woggles made from a turkey bone, fire starters built in egg cartons or sewing kits stuffed into film canisters. I’m sure you could still find yards of twine and countless Popsicle sticks in our house, but it helped unlock my imagination and learn to truly be thrifty.

How To Have Fun

I feel confident by saying that almost every good campfire song, was written by a mom somewhere. Who else could make the phrase “boom chica boom” so iconic, and teach us where our meatballs would roll off to when we sneezed? Beyond those smoky memories, it was my mom that was first to jump in the lake or help develop a good cheer at Jamboree.


Above all that is important in Scouting, learning to serve is a priority for each young man. I can remember my mother soliciting service projects for us, spending hours and sometimes even days at camp and always making sure that we had a positive experience. She was a hard-worker and helped me unlock the value of that work ethic that has carried into my later years.

Sometimes our young men don’t recognize the impact that their mothers make in their early years, but all can be grateful for the countless hours that they put in. My mother was always there for me, through each stage of life—from my years in Scouting and in preparation for my LDS mission. It was during my mission that my beautiful mother passed away from this frail existence, and her legacy continues through memory. I think fondly of our Scouting experiences together and will always cherish those special years.

On this Mother’s Day, reach out and remind your mothers, grandmothers and wives how much you care for them. Write a song or make a craft, and show your appreciation for their countless efforts. Finally, share your favorite Scouting Mom experience below and pay homage to the woman who will always be—your mother.


Author: Colin Wylie | Marketing Associate, Utah National Parks Council

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One thought on “Life Lessons from My Scouting Mom

  1. Darryl AlderDarryl Alder

    Searching for meaning this weekend, I listened to #It Was Mom: A Mother’s Day Tribute on YouTube then jumped to the blog. Thanks for sharing this story of your mom, it sounds like she was a great Scouter.


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