By Joyce Olesen
Dec 16, 2017

#LightTheWorld Day 16

Matthew 25:36 says, “[I was] naked, and ye clothed me.” 


What a perfect Scout project!   Enlist the help of your parents, your brothers and sisters and anyone else and clear out all the clothes you have outgrown, no longer need, or have no use for.  Dig up a huge box to dump clothes, shoes, scout uniforms, and warm coats of all sizes for winter. 

If you have neighbors participating, put a big box outside as their clothing dump site.  Be sure to cover it with a tarp so nothing gets wet.  On an appointed day, bring it all to a charity of your choice, which donates to the needy.  Try the Red Cross first. 

NO ONE IN THE WORLD SHOULD BE UNCLOTHED, when we have so much. Go Scouts!  Light the world.

Author: Joyce Olesen | is a grandmother, mother, and daughter of Scouters. She loves kids, camping, country music and sports cars. Her Dad was a Scout leader in Chicago in the early 1920’s and having only daughters did not bolster his Scouting hopes. As his “Scout” she was tying regulation knots by the time she was 7.

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