By Angela Shelley
Jul 10, 2019

Mini Camp Adventure – Webelos and Cubs at Camp Maple Dell!

Does your Cub Scout want to know what it’s like to go to Scout Camp? Now’s their chance! This four-hour Mini Scout Camp Adventure at, Camp Maple Dell, gives Cub Scouts, Webelos, or soon-to-be Scouts a taste of what week-long Scout camp is like. Boys and girls will experience the adventure with hiking, rock climbing, BB guns, and so much more!

Camp Maple Dell has been the most popular Scout camp of the Utah National Parks Council for years, and it’s opening up to the 7 -11 year old ages (Webelos, Cub Scouts and potential Webelos/Cubs) for an end-of-summer adventure! Families and Packs alike are invited! Get your Webelos, Cubs, and any other 7 to 11-year-olds to Camp Maple Dell for a 4-hour mini camp adventure on August 24th! Take advantage of this opportunity for your youth and let them experience a taste of what brings Scouts back to Camp Maple Dell year after year!

Youth will be ecstatic about a mini camp experience at the idyllic Camp Maple Dell. With leafy trees for great shade, leatherwork, BB guns, archery, climbing, and more, your youth will have a great adventure to end their summer! Just wait till they Scout it out and get excited for bigger and better outdoor adventures to come.

Earlier this summer, we attended a mental health conference because doing hard things and getting outside have a significantly positive role in the healthy and balanced development of youth. These are also important factors to maintaining mental health for adults. It’s no wonder that this is a big focus of Scouting and a wonderful reason to give your Cub Scouts and Webelos as many great outdoor experiences as possible. It’s also one of a multitude of reasons we like to provide a plethora of outdoor adventures in general for members of the Council’s communities.

Bring your Webelos, Cub Scouts and 7 to 11-year-olds to our Mini Camp Adventure and feel free to contact us to customize any other special adventures for your family reunion, school group, church group, company retreat, etc. The types of experiences we believe in and provide aren’t limited to Scouts because, whether young or old, everyone benefits from getting unplugged and enjoying adventures in nature!

Let your Webelos and Cubs own this mini camp adventure and register HERE today!

Author: Angela Shelley| is a writer, traveler, and Program Assistant for the Utah National Parks Council, BSA.

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