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Aug 08, 2014

National S’MORES Day August 10, 2014

Hershey Chocolate company writes: “For nearly 80 years, the classic combination of ingredients in Hershey’s S’mores – campfire-roasted marshmallows, crisp graham crackers and rich Hershey’s Milk Chocolate – has defined the campfire experience. With National S’mores Day right around the corner on August 10, The Hershey Company is helping consumers celebrate with new S’mores recipes, exciting family crafts and tips on how to have “Some More” fun during the remaining days of summer with a family fun website.

“The quintessential campfire treat, S’mores appear on menus of some of the country’s hottest restaurants and a few new ingredients have been added since their first appearance in a Girl Scout handbook published in 1927.

“More and more families are bringing the campfire fun of S’mores indoors by roasting marshmallows in 51UEBfy8DALfireplaces, toasting them on the grill or melting treats in the microwave”–there is even a kit for your kitchen table. “It’s a great way to recreate the magic of a summertime campfire with kids year-round or on rainy days.” writes Hershey.

“I have so many great childhood memories of s’mores and now I’m sharing the classic family treat with my kids,” said Jen Singer, mom and author of multiple parenting books including the  Stop Second Guessing Yourself parenting series. “National S’mores Day gives parents like me a great reason for remembering their childhood campfires while creating new family memories by hosting a National S’mores Day staycation in your own backyard.”

“Adding tasty ingredients to the original S’mores adds a bit more fun to these nostalgic treats. Recipe additions include PB&J S’mores, Rocky Road S’mores and Chocolate Banana S’mores. ‘By adding a few new ingredients and a bit of creativity, families can personalize their S’mores to their tastes,’ said Donna Erickson, Hershey’s family fun expert and author of Prime Time Together…with Kids and Fabulous Funstuff for Families.


Jen Senger: writter, blogger, author

“Pitch a tent, light a campfire and celebrate! Singer offers the following suggestions to have “s’more” family fun on National S’mores Day and during the remaining days of summer with a S’mores “staycation”:

  • Treat a Staycation as a Traditional Vacation. The fun of a backyard getaway is making it feel like a real vacation, but with the convenience of being just steps away from home. Families can pack items in their own backpack just as if they were packing for a camping trip. Include water, snacks, warm clothes and blankets for those cool summer evenings. Also, ask each family member to choose one campfire game to play. This way you’ll have plenty of activities to keep busy while under the stars. Singer says, “We love to create a continuing story, where we each add a sentence until we have a full story.”
  • Make it Authentic. Turn your backyard into a campground featuring all the camping essentials. Pitch a tent to make the experience both fun and realistic. Setting up a tent will help to foster family teamwork and allow for a comfortable night’s sleep. Building a campfire is another essential element to every campout, especially on National S’mores Day. In addition to making S’mores, campfires are great for storytelling, singing and, of course, keeping everyone warm. Remember to supervise children at all times when around the campfire.
  • The Perfect Campfire Companion. No National S’mores Day celebration or backyard getaway would be complete without S’mores! Start by placing half of a Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bar on top of half of a Honey Maid Graham Cracker. Then, lightly toast a large Jet-PuffedMarshmallow over the campfire, and place it on top of the Hershey’sMilk Chocolate bar. Finally, top the toasted marshmallow with the remaining graham cracker half and press together. It will make any backyard getaway complete. Remember to supervise children at all times when around the campfire. Feeling adventurous? Singer suggests turning to the experts at Hershey’s Kitchens who offer unique twists on the classic favorite. Variations families are sure to love include adding peanut butter, cherry slices or Hershey’s Special Dark® Semi-Sweet Chocolate bars to the gooey treat.
  • Capture Memories. Every vacation has special family moments that you want to capture. Remember to have a camera on hand, and snap away. Kids love to get in on the action, so have them take pictures of their own. Later, you can pick out family favorites to frame or add to a vacation scrapbook. Wish everyone you love a Happy National S’mores Day and send them a post card made of your favorite photos.

For families looking to update their s’mores recipe, Fox News offered six new twists on the old campfire 31vNYIhpVuLtradition.  And Hersery’s is a great resource featuring creative recipes and fun S’mores trivia. S’mores recipes also are featured in specially marked six-packs of Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bars nationwide.

“With the warm summer weather and school out of session, National S’mores Day is the perfect occasion to bring the family together with fun nostalgic treats and outdoor activities,” said Erickson. “Hershey’s S’mores are the perfect campfire treat, and gathering together for stories and sing-alongs is a wonderful way to create lasting memories.”

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