By Maloree Anderson
Apr 10, 2019

Rafting, Rapids, & Relaxing: What are you doing with your Scouts this summer?

It’s hard to imagine what a river rafting experience is like until you go on one. They create life-long bonds and lasting memories for Scouts and their troops. Take awe in God’s country and be inspired as you float through a deep canyon, a wilderness that is inaccessible without your raft and the river. Prepare incredible and spiritually uplifting firesides that will be shared every night on your own private beach. Now’s your chance to experience this river rafting adventure with the new Pro Rafting Tours Self-Guided Package.

Go Rafting Today!


A 6-Day Self-Guided Rafting Package: This trip has it all! Rafting professionals will spend a full day doing hands-on training for leaders and Scouts. Then, each group, with their provided gear, travels to their adventure’s location and spends the next four days self-guiding their way on the river!

Leaders and Scouts will LOVE:

  • Being completely off-grid
  • Bonding and team-work opportunities
  • Delicious meals (provided) easy for Scouts to cook
  • Unique teaching moments
  • The pure and pristine wilderness

Plus, Scouts will get the chance to earn the White Water Rafting and Kayaking Merit Badges.



This is the best bang for your buck! Other companies charge up to $700/person and don’t provide all the necessary items.


Anytime! Scout troops will work with Pro Rafting Tours to determine when will be the best time to schedule, (we hear June through August is pretty popular). Each trip is six (6) days long, (Monday-Saturday).

  • Day 1: Training on the Provo River (Provo, Utah)
  • Day 2: Travel
  • Days 3-6: On River


Troops can choose to rent gear, acquire their own permit (if needed), and chose from multiple 50 mile, Class I-II Utah rivers such as:

  1. Labyrinth Canyon (Green River)
  2. White River
  3. Cisco to Moab (Colorado River)


Scouts and their troops/crews/posts!


You don’t have to be a professional to take your Scouts on a rafting trip, you just need to be properly trained. Pro Rafting Tours understands this and makes it easy. Part of the rafting package is getting a full day of hands-on training with rafting experts. The training takes part on the Provo River which is a perfect training river for leaders and Scouts to learn the skills needed to be safe and have fun while rafting on their own.

pro rafting tours

Each training course will be geared specifically towards your adventure’s location so you know what to expect and how to prepare.

In addition to the rafting training that will be delivered before your trip, Scout leaders must complete the BSA required Safety Afloat Training and Safe Swim Defense, which can be done online at Click here to read more of BSA’s Aquatics Safety.


Adult Leader Amenities:

  • Reference materials/map about river and location
  • Detailed menu and packing list
  • One full day of hands-on training
  • Meals and snacks (Day 1 lunch to Day 6 lunch)
  • One waterproof bag (clothes, personal items, etc.)
  • One small waterproof bag (phone, camera, etc.)
  • Two 3″ sleeping pads for leaders
  • Two camp chairs for leaders
  • Personal Floatation Device (PFD)
  • *Items subject to change based on trip

River and Camp Gear:

  • High quality rafts and kayaks
  • Tables
  • Full kitchen set-up
  • Stove and Propane
  • Water containers (for entire trip)
  • Emergency water filter
  • Fire pan
  • Private toilet
  • Cooler full of food (4 days)
  • Dry box full of food (4 days)
  • One frame and three oars per car boat
  • Raft paddles
  • Throw bags
  • High volume/pressure pump
  • Tie down straps
  • Cargo net

Additional Complimentary Items:

  • Free rafting specific trailer rental
  • Free toilet cleaning service


  • Maximum guests per trip: 30
  • Minimum guests per trip: 20
  • Appropriate adult leader supervision required
  • Age minimum: 12 years
  • Group deposit required
  • Contact Pro Rafting Tours for full Cancellation Policy


For more information, trip itinerary, or to schedule your adventure, contact Donny Hazard of Pro Rafting Tours at Be sure to include the following information: 1) Name and contact, 2) What city/state you’re from 3) Estimate group size, 4) Biggest challenge to scheduling a trip, and 5) Most memorable high adventure moment.

*Ask about Pro Rafting Tours’ complimentary (FREE) 30-minute rafting training session!

Earn the “Coolest Scoutmaster” Merit Badge and register your troop today!

Author: Maloree Anderson | is a photographer, graphic designer, mom of one, friend of Scouting and Marketing Specialist with the Utah National Parks Council, Boy Scouts of America.

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