By Jarom Shaver
Jan 27, 2017

Scouting Will Make a Difference for Youth in their Future Callings

I got married just four months ago. We quickly found our ward and were excited to serve. We waited patiently, anticipating our new callings. Finally, my wife received a text from the first counselor in the bishopric. Immediately, we knew it was about our callings. We went into the meeting wondering what it could be. Ward pianist, Sunday school teachers or maybe even nursery leaders? Although I secretly was praying not to be in the nursery (don’t tell my wife), I was willing. We sat down, and he invited us to be the ward emergency preparedness specialists.

food storage emergency preparedness calling “Well, what do I know about emergency preparedness?” I thought at first.  I quickly considered my mother’s pantry filled side to side and top to bottom with food storage. I thought to myself, “You’re in a married student ward. Nobody has enough room to fill a drawer with food storage– let alone a pantry.” I kept thinking. Over time, I realized my experience in Scouting blended perfectly with this calling. I can still hear my Scout leaders telling us to always be prepared.

Young Men General President, Brother Stephen W. Owen recently talked about this same topic. “Years from now, today’s young men and young women will be where their leaders are now,” said Owen.

The Scouting program offers young men the opportunity to learn skills and develop attributes that will enhance their abilities to lead and serve in their future church callings. I just saw it happen in my life and also in the lives of mission companions and others with whom I serve in the church. The young men going through the Scouting program will be the future leaders, and Scouting will enhance their strengths.

youth-temple-shaking-handsScouting is one of the most influential organizations in the world in helping young men become leaders. As members of the church, we are fortunate to have it built in the youth programs of the church. For those outside the church, Boy Scouts is sometimes the only positive organization they have to learn these skills in their lives.

I’m grateful for the Scout activities and lessons that helped me feel comfortable assisting those in my ward in their preparation of their own emergency preparedness plans. Scouting will make a difference for youth in their future callings, just as it has in mine.

How has Scouting helped you in your calling?

Author: Jarom Shaver | Marketing Executive, Utah National Parks Council

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2 thoughts on “Scouting Will Make a Difference for Youth in their Future Callings

  1. Darryl AlderDarryl Alder

    Don’t despair. Your new calling is more about how to use food storage to decorate. For example, one of our partners, Ready Project, offered this 72 hour kit in a bucket (see Of course you could buy one of these yourself, or buy a bucket and fill it over time. The trick is the lamp and short round table cloth you will use to use to disguise it as an entable

  2. Ann

    I work with the Young Women. I am always borrowing Scouting activities and ideas and teeeking them to work for the girls. Scouting has definitely helped me be a better leader.


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