By Michelle Carpenter
Feb 20, 2017

3 Easy Steps to Connect Scouts to Presidential Ancestors

An apostle of God challenged youth across the world to do family history work.

My siblings jumped on the challenge, given by Elder Neil L. Anderson, and started searching through ancestors on FamilySearch. They dressed in Sunday best and drove to the SLC temple before school started. I remember my freshman sister begging my mom to take her to the temple for the third time in one week.

While family history might be fun to some youth, for others, it is a tedious and dull process. Not everyone likes scrolling through dozens of names, after all. Where are you on the scale of family history enthusiasm?

If you find yourself unmotivated, try engaging in fun family history activities! One cool thing you could try on this President’s Day is to look at how you are related to American Presidents (or other big celebrities).

Here’s how:

1-Go to

Login using your FamilySearch account information. Don’t have a FamilySearch account? Then, it’s about time you got one! If you are LDS, get your membership record number from your ward clerk or off your temple recommend. If you aren’t, that’s okay. You can still sign up.

2-Use the filter tool to narrow your search.

Checkmark the US President option on your filter. You can also look at how you’re related to Presidents’ wives. I’m not closely related to any president. But, I am distantly related to Lyndon B. Johnson, George W. Bush, and Richard Nixon, to name a few. Keep playing around. Find out what other famous people you’re related to! It’s extraordinarily simple.

3-Brag about your cool relations. 

Now, you know your claim to fame. Tell your Facebook friends about how famous you are, and invite your friends to use the tool.

Great news! Geneology is a merit badge. Using this tool will help get you excited about family history work, so you can earn your badge. Even more importantly, this tool can help you become enthused with the spirit of geneology.

Don’t leave your ancestors hanging. Find out how you’re related to US Presidents and others. Get excited. Then, take names to the temple like an apostle of God asked.

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