By Utah National Parks Council
Apr 19, 2013

Governor Launches Scouting for Food

Governor Gary Herbert set the example for the 2013 Scouting for Food Drive by kicking off the drive with food bags outside the door of the Governor’s Mansion.  This is the first time that the drive has been kicked off at the Governor’s Mansion instead of at the Capitol. Each year, Scouts leave bags on the doors of residential families throughout Utah to place food items to be picked up and delivered to the Food Bank for distribution. This year Governor Gary Herbert, along with the gubernatorial staff, collected around 500 pounds of food left outside the door.

The Scouting for Food program is more than about restocking the Food Bank with an estimated 1.5 million tons of food: It is part of the building blocks of Scouting in forming a solid foundation for young men in learning about citizenship and developing character through service in the community.


Scouts learn about the needs in their community as they pick up food for families who are struggling to provide meals for their children. Scouts learn about how the community provides for families and no matter where they live as adults this knowledge will help them to be active in their community in meeting its needs.

Following a message about Scouting for Food by Governor Herbert a local Cub Scout Troop, with the assistance from military personnel, loaded the bags of food into a van from the Utah Food Bank.



Author: Heidi Sanders | Marketing & PR Director, Utah National Parks Council

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