By Liz Merrell
Jul 29, 2013

Scouting’s Journey- Making a Mom’s Necklace for the Parents’ Pins

Boy Scout moms watch their sons develop confidence, learn teamwork, face fear, and provide service. It is amazing to watch boys evolve into men. Scouts accumulate memories and skills that will stay with them forever. The twelve points of the Scout Law place boys on a path better prepared for whatever their future brings.

Most Scout moms get a bit teary as they watch their boys transition from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts and eventually to manhood.  Along this path, the attainment of Eagle Scout visibly demonstrates Scouting’s toughest challenge. It means Scouts have finished 21 or more merit badges, been a leader in the Troop, and have begun to internalize the values of the Scout Oath and Law.

Boy Scout advancements celebrate hard work and progression through the ranks of Scouting. Each level of Scouting from, First Class to Eagle, celebrates a sense of dedication, service, and potential. The mom’s pin necklace is a meaningful remembrance of what the boys have achieved. You can make your own with the following supplies and directions:

1 each prepackaged Grosgrain ribbon spool (18 feet or 6 yards long):

Wide Color

7/8 inch Centennial Blue

5/8 inch Maize Yellow

7/8 inch Olive Drab

5/8 inch Red

1. Cut 18 inches of each of the 4 colors of ribbon (prevent fraying with fray check on the ends)

2. Sew the Yellow ribbon on top of the Blue, down both sides. Remember to use coordinating thread for the top and the bottom ribbons (different colors for each!)

3. Sandwich and pin the blue/yellow side in between the red and green for the back of the necklace.

4. Cut an angle on the front of each side making them match up in the middle. (Only trim a small triangle at the bottom,  cut at opposite sides–cut one starting from the left and one starting from the right–then they will match up in the middle.

5. Pin the fronts together matching up the angles and making sure that red ribbon will lay flat on green ribbon. Remember to switch threads to match the red and green ribbons.

6. Starting at the back (with it sandwiched), sew the red onto the green. Make a continuous loop around the red ribbon until at the back again. Sew a square in the back to reinforce the stitching.

Mom Scout Pin Necklace

Author: Liz Merrell | Development Director, Utah National Parks Council

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7 thoughts on “Scouting’s Journey- Making a Mom’s Necklace for the Parents’ Pins

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  2. Peggy C.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to put this up. I found you on Pinterest. After making many of these over the years with a “jig” (I taped a cardstock guide to my sewing machine), it dawned on me to just glue down the ribbons to each other with a regular glue stick before sewing. The ribbons no longer slipped around. Thanks again!

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