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May 06, 2016

Scouter’s Minute: Coasting is all Downhill

Doug Drury shared this Scoutmaster’s Minute on Stan Lockhart’s blog post about teaching youth to do hard things. We wanted to share it with all of our Scout leaders:

Have you ever been in or seen a Soapbox Derby? You know, where you ride a cart down a hill. Or, have you ever ridden a sled down a long hill? Or, how about floated down river in an innertube?
These all have three things in common. They’re all fun. They all require no effort—you just sit there and coast. And they all take you downhill.

Just like in those activities, you can coast doing other things. You can coast through school, just getting good enough grades. You can coast through sports, just playing the games. You can even coast through life until your time is done. But, just like riding in a cart, coasting through life is all downhill.

To achieve a goal is uphill—there’s no coasting. There’s work, effort, and sometimes sacrifice. But, there is also great reward! When you coast, you don’t just stay even. You lose—you go downhill.

Remember, Coasting is All Downhill

Thanks, Doug!

Have you seen the lessons youth can learn by doing hard things? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

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