By Melany Gardner
Apr 30, 2014

Shooting Clays Classic, FUNdraising.

I was fortunate enough to participate in a class Fall Semester at BYU on the Joys of Fundraising.  I thought, what an oxymoron.  I was under the impression that joy and fundraising have never been used in the same sentence by anyone.  Ever.  But as I sat through this class week after week, I began to see that the instructor truly felt Joy, in the Work of fundraising.  What an inspiration. I thought, ‘How can I become more like him?’  Now that class is over and I am no better at fundraising than I was prior to the class, but I have a different outlook on fundraising.  I can, in my limited knowledge and experience, bring joy to those participating in fundraising activities with me.

It is in my nature, the very fiber of my being, to throw a party.  If I’m not taking a party with me wherever I go, I’m not happy.  So why not bring that to my District fundraising opportunities?

On May 31, 2014 the Black Diamond District will be hosting their first Annual Shooting Clays Classic.  The idea of the event is for people to have fun. And… Maybe raise some money in the in-between.  Whether you are a beginner shooter or an experienced competitive shooter, this event is for you.  The event is designed with a Lewis Class, Powdered Clays and Annie Oakley’s to ensure that anyone could win something while competing at their experience level.  We also have some great donors who have given us a New England .243 Winn, a gun safe and other awesome prizes to raffle off during the event.  We’re planning on hosting an event that anyone can attend and leave happier than they were when they came, because they had FUN.

So come out, try your hand at something you’ve not done before, but mostly have fun.  The event is being hosted by the Provo Gun Club, May 31, 2014 from 10am until everyone has had their fill.  We have guns, gun safes, gift cards to your favorite restaurants and stores and plenty more for raffle.  We have lunch. But mostly we have good times waiting for you.

Emily McRaeAuthor: Emily McRae | Black Diamond District Executive, Utah National Parks Council, BSA

Clay Shoot flyer 2014

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