By Utah National Parks Council
Nov 04, 2013

Silver Beaver Award: Brent Troutner

TroutnerBrent6902Brent Troutner, Provo-UT

Brent was a distinguished District Commissioner in Provo for most of the 1990s. He’s been a busy committee member for 22 years and attended Wood Badge and Philmont as well as being on staff. Brent is a Starter for USA Track and Field at the national level, and a cross country referee.

Congratulations to Brent Troutner-

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2 thoughts on “Silver Beaver Award: Brent Troutner

  1. AvatarMichael P Kearns Pendleton Woolen Mills

    This is a message for Brent Troutner. Brent, my name is Michael P Kearns. I am the Account Manager for Pendleton Woolen Mills servicing the Mountain and Southwest Regions out of Denver, CO. I understand you stopped by our booth at Outdoor Retail in SLC. I only had you name, no contact information. If you would like to email or call me for further discussion regarding Pendleton products, I can be reach at the information noted below.
    Many Thanks,


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