By Madison Austin
Jun 23, 2017

The Summer’s Best Stake Activity Starts at Scout Camp

This summer, it’s time to get to know your stake a little bit better. And what better way to do that than to enjoy repelling, river rafting, canyoneering, mountain biking and hiking together, as a whole stake? Scout Camps are open for the summer, and they are for more than just Scouts. It’s time to make camp your new stake activity.

During the opening week at Entrada High Adventure Base, I met with the Highland Stake, who was attending the camp. This week was the culmination of months of planning and preparation for them. Parents and leaders wanted to put together an exciting and unique experience for their youth. The campsite at Entrada really enabled that dream to become a reality. Here are some of the reasons why they chose a Scout Camp.

Why Scout Camp? 

Choosing a Scout Camp for a stake activity enables you to use the resources provided by the camp. Some of the many amenities at Entrada include campsites for large groups, great food service, a well-trained staff, and the trading post. 

The campsite at Entrada lies among the rolling hills and rocks of the Moab Desert. It provides a beautiful and unique landscape to spend your week in. It is also close to the Colorado River, famous red rock canyons, and other great areas for hiking and canyoneering. The prime location of Entrada makes any activity easily accessible, even for large groups. The landscape also provides a great setting to hold devotionals and other activities that can bring youth closer to each other and the gospel as they ponder on the Lord’s creations. 

The food at Entrada is provided by a friendly and hard-working cooking staff. You will never have camp food this good. This also creates one less thing for stake leaders to plan. By having food provided on site, leaders and youth have one less thing to worry about. 

 The staff at Entrada are also available to lead youth in activities. The daily program can include the activities guided by the staff here at Entrada. 40-mile bike rides through Moab’s Magnificent 7 “Mag 7” Trails are guided by expert biking staff. Rock climbing and repelling is another great activity that is led by a well-trained climbing staff. Leaders can also schedule time for “free program,” where youth can try the various activities offered at their own pace. 

Growing In Confidence 

Boy Scout camps allow youth to grow in confidence. Ben Cahoon, the youth leader of the Highland Stake, saw his group experience many things they had never even tried before. “We’re here to give boys confidence and introduce them to things that they don’t normally do in their normal lives,” he said. He perfectly expresses how Boy Scout camps offer many unique experiences for youth. They have the opportunity to and are encouraged to go out of their comfort zone and try new things. 

For your next stake activity, consider a Boy Scout camp and watch your youth grow. 


Author: Madison Austin | Marketing Associate, Utah National Parks Council 


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