By Michelle Carpenter
Jan 13, 2017

How to Survive High School with the Aid of Varsity Scouting

The first semester of Freshman year is over–and  everything’s getting way too crazy. Your math teacher started writing letters across the board (when did math become a language?). You’re having a hard time telling apart the teachers and the seniors. And, why are you stuck on the JV sports teams for the next two years?

Your homework, classwork, and extracurricular load is out of control. What’s a teenager to do?

With everything going on, Varsity Scouting seems like just another thing to add to your plate (you may eat a lot, but these tasks aren’t so easy as devouring pizza).

But, in reality, Varsity Scouting can help you survive your high school years. Here’s how:

 1:  Feel relieved. 

And, you thought finals happened in college? We understand if you are feeling a bit stressed right now. You just finished your first semester in the insane asylum. In fact, we heard teens are more stressed than any other age group. Luckily for you, High Adventure is a major part of Varsity Scouting. So, enjoy crazy outdoor adventures! Studies show that participating in sports while in natural habitats leads to decreased tension and increased feelings of revitalization.

 2: Still feeling overwhelmed? Build up the right network.

Surround yourself with good kids and smart leaders. You might have questions when it comes to high school. Luckily, the other Scouts and Scout Leaders may have the answers.

3: Get off the bench and hone your game. 

Those seniors. You used to be the star of the basketball team, and now you’re stuck sitting on the bench. Don’t lose your game though. Did you know sports are a major focus of the Varsity program? There may even be a team you can join with your troop.

4: Now, hone your intellectual game too.  

Keep earning merit badges, and you’ll learn lots of new things. You may even learn some things that the senior honor kids don’t.

4: Take a break from those teenage girls. 

Girls are amazing, cute, and all-around fantastic (I know because I am one). But, sometimes they’re just confusing. Why do they seem so hard to please? Get a little guy time by going out to the woods or having fun with your troop.

High school is crazy–really, really crazy. But, isn’t it nice to have something to lean back on? You may be scratching your head now that math is a language and halls are ruled by 18-year-old giants. But, Varsity Scouting makes life a lot greater. So, why not get involved?




Author: Michelle Carpenter | Marketing Associate, Utah National Parks Council.



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