By Maria Milligan
Jul 16, 2016

Take your Stake to Jamboree 2017

As Baden-Powell closed out the first World Scout Jamboree in London in 1920, he said this to the gathering of 8,000 Scouts: “Differences exist between the peoples of the world in thought and sentiment, just as they do in language and physique. The Jamboree has taught us that if we exercise a mutual forbearance and give and take, then there is sympathy and harmony. If it be your will, let us go forth fully determined that we will develop among ourselves and our boys that comradeship, through the world wide spirit of the Scout brotherhood, so that we may help to develop peace and happiness in the world and goodwill among men.”

That spirit of unity and brotherhood has prevailed at world and national jamborees for almost 100 years. Next year, the Boy Scouts of America will hold their national jamboree at the Summit Bechtel Reserve, a 10,600-acre outdoor playground near West Virginia’s New River Gorge National River area. If you want the boys in your ward and stake to take Scouting to the next level and experience everything Baden Powell’s inspired movement has to offer, there is no better place than at Jamboree 2017. This event is the best of Scouting rolled into 10 days of fun, friends, and adventure, and you and your youth can be there to be a part of it!

Live Scouting’s Adventure

BSA Jamboree

More than 40,000 Scouts and Scouters will explore all kinds of adventure—stadium shows, pioneer village, patch trading, hikes, and high adventure. Some Scouts will hike to Garden Ground Mountain for the buckskin games, Native American presentations, drumming, dancing, competitions, and more. Others will visit merit badge tents to learn new skills and work on advancement. Everybody will experience the best of camp life, surrounded by thousands of other Scouts practicing the outdoor skills Baden-Powell started teaching over a hundred years ago.

Of course, one of the biggest draws of the Summit Bechtel Reserve is the opportunity for outdoor adventure. You can try mountain biking, BMX, skateboarding, canopy tours, climbing and rappelling, challenge courses, zip lines, scuba diving, shooting and target sports, kayaking, paddleboarding, water obstacle courses, and whitewater rafting.

Grow Spiritually

President Thomas S. Monson greets Scouts during the 2005 National Scout Jamboree on July 7, 2005 in Fort A.P. Hill, Va. Sam Kolich/Boy Scouts of America

President Thomas S. Monson greets Scouts during the 2005 National Scout Jamboree on July 7, 2005 in Fort A.P. Hill, Va. Sam Kolich/Boy Scouts of America

Duty to God has always been an integral part of Scouting, and the National Jamboree promotes this duty. Scouts attend a religious service for their faith with thousands of other youth from across the nation. The sight of dozens of Scouts blessing and passing the sacrament to such a large crowd of faithful young people is inspiring. Leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recognize the importance of so many of their young people pledging to do their best to do their duty to God, and often attend the jamboree.

The jamboree also offers leaders and Scouts the chance for fireside scripture study, devotionals, and prayer in a setting far from the distraction of their everyday life. These youth, worn out from the excitement of their day and full of the spirit of goodwill the jamboree promotes, will be susceptible to the whispering of the Spirit in new ways.

Outside of overt religious observance, Jamboree 2017 will also offer these youth the chance to serve others, do missionary work, make new friends from across the country, build confidence, practice leadership, and gain inspiration.

So what are you waiting for? The National Scout Jamboree is happening July 19–28, 2017. If you want your stake to be part of Scouting’s biggest event, contact John Gailey (801) 437-6233.

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Author: Utah National Parks Council

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  1. AvatarLeah Overson

    I remember an incident told of 2 men on different sides of a world war – recognizing the Scout emblem (was it on a belt buckle?) and deciding to behave as Scouts rather than as soldiers to each other.


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