By Darryl Alder
Apr 12, 2017

Why Your Teen Should Go To NYLT/Timberline

As a leader and parent, I cannot recommend National Youth Leadership Training enough. As a Scout, I took the youth version of the training called Junior Leader Training (JLT). I later taught it.

Then, I  went on to help districts in our Council run dozens of courses, including our first coed course five years ago. 

NYLT, which is known as Timberline in our council, is a deep immersion leadership experience. It lasts for six days and five nights and is is recognized nationwide as a premier youth leader development course.

Young adults often will add the credential to their scholarship, university and job applications. We offer nearly 40 courses this summer. So your Scout or daughter has no good reason to miss this exciting, action-packed program. 

The NYLT  course provides youth with leadership skills for home, church, and life in general. While content is delivered in a troop and patrol outdoor setting, the coed course offers blended training so Young Women leaders do not need to be left out. Either way, both integrate the best of modern leadership theory with the traditional strengths of the Scouting experience. 

The courses are presented around the concepts of what a leader must BE, what he or she must KNOW, and what leaders must DO. The key elements are then taught with a clear focus on HOW TO.  But, the skills come alive during the week as their “patrol” goes on a Quest for the Meaning of Leadership.

Training has an emphasis on immediate application of learning in a fun environment. Interconnecting concepts and work processes are introduced early, built upon, and aided by the use of memory aids, which allows participants to understand and employ leadership skills much faster.

Built on the legacy of past junior leader training (JLT) successes, NYLT incorporates the latest leadership ideas and presents fresh, vital and meaningful training for today’s youth leaders. Through activities, presentations, challenges, discussions, and audio-visual support, NYLT participants are engaged in a unified approach to leadership that will give them the skill and confidence to lead well. Through a wide range of activities, games, and adventures, participants will work and play together as they put into action the best Scouting has to offer.

Click here to register or you can request information about Timberline – NYLT here.

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Author: Darryl Alder | Strategic Initiatives Director, Utah National Parks Council, BSA. He has served on JLT, Timberline and NYLT staffs since 1965. (Gosh, how is that guy anyway?)

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2 thoughts on “Why Your Teen Should Go To NYLT/Timberline

  1. Darryl AlderDarryl Alder Post author

    This week a parent called to see if there was a group for her Scout to camp with this summer since their toop will not be coming to camp.
    The answer just occurred to me: every week this summer they can camp and get leadership training at the same time by coming to NYLT Timberline!

  2. Tyler NorthTyler North

    I’ve never been to NYLT as a participant, but my visit to the Timberline at Scofield last week gave me some insights. All the inside jokes, the campfire songs of “McTavish is dead”, the camaraderie, really showed me how these boys bond over the course of a week. One of their leaders commented to me that on day one, they were shy and not unified, and then on day 6 they were completely different. Really eye opening.


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