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Jan 06, 2014

Working at Philmont Scout Ranch

philmont 3Each season, Philmont Scout Ranch employs more than 1,000 staff members to operate and support Philmont’s program, Training Center, food service, ranching museums and maintenance and to assist the administrative staff. A wide variety of paid positions are available, including Rangers, Backcountry Program Counselors and Training Center and base camp support staff.

The majority of contracts coincide with the summer season, from late May through mid-August. However, some temporary positions are available that support the spring, fall, and winter programs. All staff members, no matter what their job is or where they work, have a very important role to play in the total success of Philmont.

Job Descriptions

A wide variety of paid positions are available each season. Identify positions that suit your experience and interests.


At Philmont Scout Ranch, everything begins with a quality staff. Here are the key criteria you must meet in order to be eligible.

How to Apply

Here is a list of the key requirements and procedures for applying to Philmont Scout Ranch, including an application form.

Information for New Hires

Those who are selected to serve as members of Scouting’s premier High Adventure Base and volunteer-training conference center will serve thousands of Scouts, leaders and family members. The information in this section will answer many of your questions and help you prepare for the upcoming season.

Philmont Staff Association

The Philmont Staff Association (an independent organization, separate from the Boy Scouts of America) continues to support the Philmont Scout Ranch.


Contact Philmont’s Seasonal Personnel Department:
(575) 376-2281

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See Philmont Scout Ranch

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