By Melany Gardner
Jul 04, 2017

11-Yr-Old Scouts Learn It All at the Tatanka First Class Quest

Does your Scout need some extra help getting to the rank of First Class? Tatanka First Class Quest at Tifie Scout Camp is a unique blend of an 11 year-old overnight camp with an introduction to a Scout summer camp. This year quest dates are July 31-August 1, 8 am Monday to 4 pm Tuesday. 

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Cost is $43 for youth ($48 out-of-council) and $10 for leaders, plus $15 for optional dining food plan.

Our Tatanka Quest is for an 11 year-old Scout to reach the rank of First Class Scout. This overnight camping experience is located at Tifie which is part of Mountain Dell Scout Ranch located above Mount Pleasant, Utah in Sanpete County. Tifie is a full-service camp that provides merit badges, adventure tracks, as well as offering a myriad of activities. 

At camp, an 11 year-old Scout will gain needed outdoor experiences for advancement and summer camp fun such as:

  • Tenderfoot, Second, and First Class Advancement
  • Five Mile Hike, One Mile Compass Course, Orienteering Instruction
  • Swimming, Archery and Rifle Shooting, Leatherwork and Basketry Merit badges
  • Totin’ Chip, Firem’n Chit, First Aid, Knots, Lashings, Nature, Leave No Trace
  • Campfire Program & Honor Trail
  • Dining food Plan* (three meals starting with dinner) or bring your own food


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Additional resources:

Pre-Camp Swim Check Instructions and Form:  Download Here

Leaders Guide:  Download Here

For more information, contact Nanette Watson at or Jay at




Author: Melany Gardner | “The Boy Scout” Editor and Marketing Specialist, Utah National Parks Council

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