Catching Crawdads at Scofield Scout Camp is fun!
By Bob Gowans
Dec 13, 2014

2015 Summer Camps Promise Greater Adventure

2015 Summer Camps promo flier

brochureGreat plans are underway for the 2015 Summer Camp season in the Utah National Parks Council. Plans to greatly enhance the experience the Scouts will receive are being developed by the camping directors. Programs including merit badge instruction will be divided into three classifications:

~Green: basic, all-around experiences designed for younger Scouts and conducted both in and out of TrailRatingSystemcamp. A lot of interactive, hands-on, interpretive and outdoor activities that are integrated with fulfilling merit badge technical requirements.

~Blue: designed for older boys with more advanced activities, to include overnight camping and higher adventure experiences (i.e., rappelling, mountain biking, backpacking, canoe camping, etc.).

~Black Diamond: designed for older boys with Venturing/Ranger types of challenging and exciting programs that push the adventure envelope, including multiple-day, off-site experiences and ultra-high adventures (i.e., survival, backpacking 50 milers, canyoneering, ultra-activity cross-country legs—hiking, biking, kayaking, and climbing, etc.).

The high adventure track colors are similar to Ski Run categories to differentiate various levels of difficulty, challenge, and adventure across program tracks. (These classifications, interestingly enough, are also being formalized and rolled out by the BSA for 2015).

Our goal is for the youth to combine adventure with learning—to have exciting and challenging learning experiences that will leave a positive and extraordinary imprint that they can carry with them through their lives. We also want to light a fire in their hearts to come back for more, and to bring others with them.

At Thunder Ridge, Tifie and Scofield Scout Camps all three levels will include tracks introducing six different program focus areas:

1. Outdoors
2. Sports
3. Health and Safety
4. Citizenship and Personal Development
5. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)
6. Arts and Hobbies

We are excited about these program enhancements and look forward to providing a high quality program to our Scouts this summer.

Registration is online at Remember there is an early registration fee discount if you register on or before January 31, 2015.

Bob Gowans
Authors: Bob Gowans | Director of Camping, Utah National Parks Council and
Steve Sutherland | Camping Director,

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