By Bob Gowans
Mar 28, 2015

Where are You Summer Camping?


Summer is not too far away and if your Scout Troop, Varsity Team or Venture Crew is not yet registered to attend summer camp there is still some space available.  While Maple Dell, Blue Mountain and Tifie are full, Thunder Ridge, Scofield Scout Camp at Frandsen Scout Ranch and High Uintah still have space available.

There are a lot of new and exciting opportunities coming to both Scofield and Thunder Ridge this summer with the implementation of the new Adventure Tracks which will provide much more scouting experience for your scouts than previously received.  The COPE Cube, new at Thunder Ridge last summer, will continue to provide boys with some great excitement.  Scofield with its improved water front facilities will keep the boys active and busy each day.  A new Black Diamond High Adventure program at both Thunder Ridge and Scofield is being put together for older youth that wish to attend.

IMG_1609In addition to the High Adventure at Scofield and Thunder Ridge, our great High Adventure Bases Entrada and Beaver can give your young men some awesome experiences.

A Utah National Parks Council Summer Camp and High Adventure Base will provide your youth with opportunities to draw closer together as a unit, find in the peace and serenity of the great outdoors a time to be close to their God.  It will give leadership opportunities and challenging adventures, and help youth grow into the mature young adults ready to serve, progress and be the men you want them to become.

Don’t wait too long to decide, time is running out and your boys need a great summer camp adventure.

Go to to check out all the great summer adventures waiting for you.

Author:Bob Gowans Bob Gowans | Director of Camping, Utah National Parks Council

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