By Darryl Alder
Jul 13, 2015

A Plan “B” Campfire in the Rain

how-to-make-a-fire-in-the-rainTo read about the adventure of getting to the UK check out Part 1, Lone Cub Scouting in Part 24th of July on the Beach in Part 3 and to read about a sudden teaching opportunity read Part 4

On the final Monday of our vacation, the boys and I build built a fire again, this time it was going to be serious. Weenie roasting, s’mores and a campfire program for mom and dad. It was pretty ambitious, especially because it had rained for two days.

Now I am good a getting a fire started. I don’t think I have ever failed, but nothing we did would get that fire lit, besides it was still raining.

campfireEnter Plan “B.” We took the family indoors and used the front room TV for our campfire. Yes you read right. YouTube had a great Virtual Campfire. We sang, told jokes and sang again. Then and watched a presentation on how Lehi’s family used camping skills and talked about how we might use some of the skills we had learned that week. 

Then we learned about Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty, finally teaching our new Cub Scout the salute and Pledge of Allegiance (something his doesn’t get to do in his tiny, country school in Yorkshire, UK).  We still made s’mores, but in the microwave (watch out 10 seconds is plenty for any marshmellow). This turned out to be a great family home evening and a neat way to complete our “final campfire.”

We had so much fun with our grandkids and with those adventures under our belts we nearly completed the new Call of Wild Wolf Adventure with Holden, which proves that Cub Scouting is after all about fun with your family.

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