By Myrle Astrope
Jul 09, 2014

A “Yeoman’s Effort”

William Peterson, Alpine District Camping Committee Chairman, achieved a 100% on the “2013 Camping Activity Report” for all 301 units in the Alpine District.

How was this accomplished?AO Men

In his own words, Peterson stated:

“This last spring, the Hotametaneo’o Chapter of the Order of the Arrow delivered camp promotion packets to the homes of each of the 200 Scoutmasters and Varsity Scout Coaches (100 troops and 100 teams) in the Alpine District. similar packets were mailed to each of the 101 Venture Crew Advisers. Each packet contained the single page promotional flyers for the council camps appropriate for the respective units, as well as the promotional booklet prepared for the 2012 season and the smaller mailer prepared for the 2013 season. This was followed up with the mailing of a camp promotions flyer to each unit leader. Finally an e-mail with attached flyers and links to the registrations sites for each camp was sent to each unit leader. An extensive amount of time was invested by the Order of the Arrow (well over 100 man hours) to ensure that the correct street and e-mail addresses were obtained for each unit leader, so that the promotional materials actually arrived where we wanted them to go.

This fall, the Hotametaneo’o Chapter of the Order of the Arrow has obtained a report from each of the 301 unites in the district that details: (1) where each unit went, (2) how many nights they camped, (30 how many youth participated and (4) how many adults participated. A pdf and an excel copy of the results of these reports are attached hereto for your review.

In sum, we achieved 100 percent camp promotions contacts (three times over) and 100 percent reporting”.

As the Council Camping Director and Chairman of the Council Camping Committee and Outdoor Programs we would like to thank Chairman Peterson and the Hotametaneo’o Chapter of the Order of the Arrow for the effort that was extended and the results that were obtained. This will have made a difference in the lives of many of our Scouts and Volunteers for years to come.

Robert Gowans, Council Camping Director

Myrle Astrope, Chairman of the Council Camping Committee and Outdoor Programs

William Peterson is also the Order of the Arrow Chapter Adviser to the Hotametaneo’o Chapter. In achieving this stellar Camping Promotion and the Camping Activity Report they have set the benchmark and the Goal for all the other Districts in our Council to achieve. Williams also designed a Report Form to provide the information in a format that will provide valuable information as to the Scouting activities that are participated in out of our Council as well as on our Council properties. With permission we have included a copy of this report for District Camping Committees to review and utitlize.



Author: Myrle Astrope | Chairman of the Council Camping Committee and Outdoor Programs, Utah National Parks Council

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