By Steven Sutherland
Jan 17, 2015

Adventure Tracks? I’m Confused

We wrote this letter to a mom who had questions about our adventure tracks at camps this summer:

levelsJanuary 12, 2015

Hi Natalie,

We are implementing a new series of high adventure tracks at Tifie this year. Green, Blue, and Black Diamond (representing greater levels of adventure and challenge). We are planning on having these tracks filled with activities that will either fulfil the entire merit badge or will provide the completion of certain merit badge components within a merit badge booklet. We are in the process of having the actual content all fleshed out to share with troops by the end of February. This will then allow for you to register for specific adventure track, merit badge, and program content.

The idea here is to provide more outdoor, “mountain top” experiences and excitement for the boys when they come to camp. It will be balanced so that younger Scouts will be provided plenty of merit badge content; and, the older boys—14 through 17—will be excited about camp by focusing more on the high adventure options.

If you go to the Utah National Parks Council’s Tifie Scout Camp web page and look under the Leaders’ Information tab, click on: 2015 Leader and Program Guide. This will provide you with more information on our new adventure tracks.

One example is Exploring Nature

  • Environmental Science
  • Fish and Wildlife Management
  • Forestry
  • Nature
  • Leave No Trace

Exploring Nature will be a Green Track. This will be a two-day program (Monday–Tuesday and Wednesday–Thursday) where we take the Scouts outside and keep them interacting as much as possible with nature and the natural resources of camp and the surrounding country. It will include the five program and merit badge related areas listed above. While at camp some of these topics will have all their merit badge requirements fulfilled; others, may only fulfill certain elements. Once we have the total program content and curriculum in place in February we will clearly make this differentiation for you.

We look forward to being with your group at camp this summer.

Warm regards,

Steve Sutherland


Author:  Steve Sutherland | Camping Director, Utah National Parks Council, BSA.
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