By Utah National Parks Council
Jan 20, 2018

Announcing New Camp Opening in Eagle Mountain

Thanks to a generous donation, the Utah National Parks Council is now home to not twelve, but thirteen camps! We are excited to officially announce this new camp in Eagle Mountain and are anxious to start developing a place where youth, families, and the community take their adventures to the outdoors.

The camp will be open for camping and other events later this year. Grand opening events such as a groundbreaking will happen this spring. More information will be announced on the timing of these events.

See the FAQ below for more information. We’ll continue to keep everyone posted on updates on the camp as they become available.

Where is the camp located?

The camp is located in Eagle Mountain at the foot of Pole Canyon and sits between Fairfield and Cedar Fort. It’s western edge connects to BLM land. The south-western tip of the property falls just below the large water tower at the base of the mountain.

*Update: Official address as of April 18, 2018:

Camp Eagle Mountain
4038 West 3915 North
Eagle Mountain, Utah 84005

What’s the size of the camp?

A full 100 acres.

What is the terrain like?

Located at the base of a mountain, the terrain is mostly flat with some gradual incline. One of the only wooded areas of Eagle Mountain, the land is heavily saturated with junipers, cedars, and a few pine trees. You will even be greeted by a few small cacti within the sage brush. Because of its diverse terrain of open spaces (big enough for tents) and lots of trees, it’s a prime place to camp. Check out the gallery below for more images of this camp!

Is there a name?

*Update: An official name has been assigned to this new camp as of April 18, 2018:

Camp Eagle Mountain

What does the 2018 construction timeline look like?

Stake Activity Center

We will start working on roads in the next few weeks. As we do that, we will also be running water lines. We plan to have a stake activity center and shooting ranges completed by the end of 2018.

Stake activity centers are enclosed pavilions that provide a large meeting/dining room (with large garage doors that can open), kitchen facilities, bathrooms, showers, an outdoor amphitheater, and surrounding campsites. These stake activity centers are perfect to host large groups for almost any use such as weddings, family reunions, stake encampments, girls camps, and more.

Below is a virtual tour of a stake activity center:

Walk through of the new Marian D. Hanks Scout Camp at Quail Creek

Posted by Utah National Parks Council, Boy Scouts of America on Tuesday, June 7, 2016

What kind of adventures will this camp provide?

The camp will initially be used for Cub day camps, Activity Day groups, large group activities (stake encampments, girls camps, etc.), overnight camping, and high adventure activities. As we expand, we will do every adventure possible!

How do I get involved in the development of the camp?

If you would like to participate in the development of this new camp through donations or through labor/skilled trade, contact John Gailey.

How can I reserve a place to camp?

If you are interested in reserving a campsite once camping is available, contact Nick Hutchinson.

Where can I get more information?

Live near the camp? We will be holding a meeting to discuss the camp and the positive impact it will have on its neighboring communities.

Public Meeting re: New Camp in Cedar Valley
February 22, 2018
Eagle Mountain City Chambers (Eagle Mountain City Hall, 1650 E. Stagecoach Run, Eagle Mountain, 84005)

Any additional information contact John Gailey.

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11 thoughts on “Announcing New Camp Opening in Eagle Mountain

  1. AvatarKirsten

    This property wouldn’t have become a reality without the years of work from Lee Hansen. I hope his name is part of the camp name.

  2. AvatarWesFish

    This is great news for your council, but also wonderful in today’s council camp challenge issue. Hope all stays on schedule.

  3. AvatarBrad Scherck

    I am excited about the opening of this new council camp. This camp will have a major impact on the lives of young women and men in not only learning valuable life skill but most importantly connecting them to Heaven. This is truly an exciting time to serve and support scouting!

  4. AvatarStephanie

    Will the camp be available this summer for Cub Scout day camps – specifically Webelos? If so, I’d love some information on how to reserve and cost. Thanks!


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