By Utah National Parks Council
Oct 05, 2018

Camp Maple Dell Safe: Thank You Firefighters!

In early September, the Pole Creek and Bald Mountain fires threatened southern Utah County, including Camp Maple Dell. These monstrous fires became the number one priority in the nation, as they burned over 120,000 thousand acres combined.

Camp Maple Dell was directly in the fires’ way but, remarkably, no damage was done. Camp Maple Dell’s Director spoke to Payson Fire Chief Scott Spencer who stated,

[I] could definitely see the Lord’s hand in saving [Camp Maple Dell]…The way the fire was going, camp should have been burned to the ground. But, miraculously the fire parted and went around the camp. When the fire ran down the canyon on both sides of Maple Dell, one of the firefighters told me the fire was so loud it sounded like jet engines roaring and blowing….The result of our miracle…not a single building, campsite, program area, or gathering area in camp was touched by the fire.

We know that the Lord played a role in the saving of Camp Maple Dell, making it the Maple Dell miracle. The camp was directly in the fire’s path, then suddenly, right in the middle of the raging flames, the camp sat unaffected. Forces greater than us kept the fire at bay and left our camp protected. With God’s hand and the endless efforts of fire crews Maple Dell is “untouched.”

So, thank you in behalf of all the staff, volunteers, and Scouts of Camp Maple Dell and the Utah National Parks Council. Thank you to all the brave men and women who fought relentlessly to protect our camp and its surrounding communities. We are happy to report that Camp Maple Dell will be open to Scouts, youth groups, families, church groups, and everyone who wants to experience its adventure.

*UPDATE: Camp Maple Dell is open! Click here for ways you can visit Camp Maple Dell and see the miracle for yourself!  – Oct. 18, 2018

Check out the gallery below for Camp Maple Dell’s incredible story:

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