By Steve Frisby
Feb 07, 2015

Caveman Breakfast Cookout

orange eggA long time ago I learned about the happy effect “cooking-shock” has on Scouts. Putting food directly into glowing coals or frying eggs on paper bags, will get nearly any age Scout or Scouter into cooking mode.

Below are a few of my good friend Steve Frisby’s favorite minimalist breakfast foods:

egg in baggieBreakfast in a baggie

In a large zip lock bag combine

  • 2 eggs
  • Cubed Ham
  • Cheese
  • Salt & pepper

mix together with hands. Put the bag in boiling water 6-8- minutes until done. Eat right from bag.

egg on stickEgg on a stick

Carefully thread egg on a pointed, thin green stick after poking holes in each end. Roast over coals until done…( It=s done when the baby barf appears)


utinselessPoached Egg

Break egg into a split onion shell and  bake on coals until done. Can also be done in an orange or pepper



roll in orangeOrange Mcmuffin

Cut an orange like a jack-o-lantern and core out the inside leaving a little meat on the sides. Mix one biscuit using properly opened Bisquick box and place dough in orange. Replace lid of orange and skewer with a pointed stick. Place in coals and bake until muffin rises out of lid


egg cupBoiled Egg

Boil an egg in a paper cup. Be sure cup is full of water and made of paper not plastic!  Although this isn’t utensiless, it’s still fun! You can also boil water for use in oatmeal or hot chocolate using this method. Though hard to find, waxless paper cups are the best.

For more of Steve’s fun recipes click here


Author:  Stephen R Frisby is a long-time Scouter. He currently serves as the New Scout Leader in troop 427, sponsored by LDS Sunset Heights Second Ward in Orem, Utah.

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