By Ann Shumway
Jan 13, 2015

Changes at Camp Jeremiah Johnson Cub Scout Day Camp

With the new Cub Scout Adventure program being rolled out beginning June 1st. Camp Jeremiah Johnson will take on a new look and feel. The new program will require some changes in how things normally operate.JJ Collage

It’s important for leaders to keep in mind that the main purpose of Cub Scout Day Camp is to get the boys out in nature to have a wonderful outdoor experience. Passing off requirements is a plus and Barges on Pondsomething many leaders appreciate. In the past, leaders will remember going through day camp together as a pack. In order for boys to complete requirements at camp using the new program, starting this summer day camp at JJ will be divided into tracks: Tigers, Wolves and Bears. Camp staff will have to be flexible because they won’t know from one day to the next how many of each track they will have. This will all depend on registration numbers which is where leaders will notice the first change. When you register for camp (registration is open now) you’ll be asked to identify how many Tigers, how many Wolves and how many Bears you’ll have with you.

JJ2When you arrive at camp and check in, each age group will be assigned a different den name and have a different schedule. Packs should bring at least one leader for each group of boys attending. This means for the typical LDS unit if you have two leaders one can go with the Wolves and one can go with the Bears. Everyone will go to Opening Ceremony together and then split off from there. Groups will likely see each other throughout the day and also for lunch and then again at Closing Ceremony.

Throughout the day each den will have a home base where they will spend most of the day. From their home base they will leave at a scheduled time to go to boats, archery and BB guns. All boys will do boats this year. The Tigers and Wolves will be on the lower pond using barges and the Bears on the upper pond using row boats.

Cub Scouts Panning for GoldThere won’t be a lot of time left over to do our normal theme activities which for this year will be panning for gold and rope making. If there isn’t time during the day for dens to do these activities a pack will have the opportunity to stay after closing ceremonies and do these if they choose to.

Activity Day GirlsHow do these changes affect the Girls Day Camp? The only change to the girl’s program is that everyone will do boats this year. When girls are registered to come to camp, leaders will be asked to identify how many 8 and 9 year old girls there are and how many 10 and 11 year old girls there are. 8 and 9 year olds will be on the lower pond using the barges, 10 and 11 year olds will be on the upper pond using row boats.

We look forward to having a wonderful summer at Camp Jeremiah Johnson. If you have questions regarding programming please feel free to give me a call or drop me an email.

Author: Ann Shumway | Camp Director, Camp Jeremiah Johnson | Learning for Life Director, Utah National Parks Council

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2 thoughts on “Changes at Camp Jeremiah Johnson Cub Scout Day Camp

  1. AvatarEllen Townsend

    Do you know what year the camp was built? I’ve been looking on Google…

    This camp ground is sacred to the Cub Scouts of many decades. What a wonderful escape from the city and daily routine.


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