By Maria Milligan
Oct 23, 2015

Construction Update: See What’s Happening at Council Camps

When I attended Wood Badge at Camp Tifie in September I saw firsthand just how much good generous donations are doing for our council camps. The first weekend of our course was held in the newly-completed Center for Enterprise. The finishing touches were made possible by a generous donation from the Gunnison Stake. The building provides a great classroom space and will be invaluable to Scout and S.T.E.M. programs in the coming seasons. Tifie also now has an extended porch at the Burch lodge.

The end of summer does not mean the end of digging, leveling, and building in the Utah National Parks Council. Check out our latest construction projects and what they’ll mean for council camps in the coming year:

Eccles Nature Center at Scofield

Eccles Nature Center ScofieldThanks to the George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Foundation, nature activities and merit badges at Frandsen Scout Ranch have a permanent home with plenty of learning space and seating for the hundreds of Scouts and leaders who come to Scofield Reservoir every summer. Everyone who saw the center under construction this year talked about how nice it will be to have the classroom and pavilions to learn about conservation, outdoor skills, and Leave no Trace next year.

The best part? The new Eccles Nature Center has a great view of the bay and the rest of the valley. It’s hard to beat learning about nature with that view spread out in front of you.

NRA Archery Range at Thunder Ridge

Thunder Ridge Archery RangeConstruction is now complete on the new Thunder Ridge Archery Range, thanks to our rangers and a grant from the NRA. The archery range joins the new rifle range finished last year to make the Thunder Ridge shooting sports area one of the best in the Council.

This new and improved shooting sports area will mean more Scouts can learn about handling firearms and shooting safely. And with a new supply of guns and bows from the NRA, they’ll have great new equipment to do it with.

Staff Lodge remodel at Maple Dell

Maple Dell Staff LodgeThe work to restore and update the Maple Dell Staff Lodge is moving ahead. Being a staff member at camp is a great experience for youth in our Council and for many serves as the next step in Scouting that helps them prepare to be independent and successful once they leave school. Having a higher quality housing facility for our staff will enhance their experience and attract more youth who can benefit from being on staff.

Water at Beaver and Thunder Ridge

Beaver WellThe crew is preparing to drill the well for incoming water at Beaver High Adventure Base. We can’t wait for this new well to be dug so Scouts can have an abundant supply of fresh water for their adventures. UPDATE: We’ve hit water!

Thunder Ridge is getting some new water as well, though in this case it is in the form of a new above-ground swimming pool. There is little Scouts love more than swimming during those hot Scout camp weeks, and now they’ll be able to do that at our rocky camp up Parowan Canyon. Next summer be ready for pictures of Scout learning to swim, float, and save each other at Thunder Ridge.

Quail Creek Stake Pavilion

Quail Creek Stake Pavilion

Ranger Dave at the bottom of the 11 ft septic tank hole

Our camp at Quail Creek is getting quite the makeover thanks to donations from companies and foundations across Utah. One of the biggest construction projects is the new stake pavilion being built to allow large groups to use the camp for their own programs. The septic tank is is in the ground and the pad for the building is completed. With help from LaVelle Prince and Dave Peterson, ranger Dave Merril was able to dig the footings for the new pavilion Tuesday. Before you know it, the Council’s first stake pavilion will be up and running.

Maple Dell Stake Pavilion

TMaple Dell Stake Pavilion Sitehanks to a grant from the Sorenson Legacy Foundation, Maple Dell will also be home to a brand new stake pavilion. The amphitheater that will rise up behind the building is taking shape and the leveling is in progress. If you’ve ever been to Maple Dell, you know it is our council’s oldest camp and is full every summer with hundreds of Scouts. This new stake pavilion will let more groups use this beloved camp for stake encampments, family reunions, girls camps, and more.

Maple Dell is also getting brand new campfire rings.

Stake-Pavilion-300x203Want to do a stake encampment in the future? Start planning now! The stake pavilion will allow you to bring your whole group to experience the learning, growth, and fun that only the outdoors can provide. It will have an amphitheater for campfire programs, covered pavilion for activities, and a warming kitchen to heat up meals. It will also have bathrooms and showers for your group to use.

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Author: Utah National Parks Council, Boy Scouts of America

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3 thoughts on “Construction Update: See What’s Happening at Council Camps

    1. Maria MilliganMaria Milligan Post author

      I just talked to John Gailey and got the inside scoop on Buck Hollow. Sounds like we’re going to install a water tank with a line and a faucet to Webelos Woods/Adventure Park. So Buck Hollow is getting new water as well. Also, I just updated the Beaver water paragraph because we just got word that we’ve hit water (woohoo!) and the well is on its way to being done.

  1. AvatarLee Hansen

    There are plans for Buck Hollow that will in time make it a full-scale camp for girl’s camps, high adventure tracks, Wood Badge courses, NYLT courses, Boy Scout camps, and Day camps for Cubs and other groups. The plans are in place, just waiting for the resources to build the facilities. When completed, Buck Hollow will provide an experience equal to those at National High Adventure bases. Help us get it done by volunteering time, money or other materials!


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