By Maria Milligan
Jul 14, 2015

Construction Update: See What’s Happening at Council Camps

Summer means warm weather, clear skies, and camp improvements. Our camps are full of Scouts sailing, mountain biking, cooking, and adventuring. If you know where to look though, you’ll also find rangers and construction crews hard at work fixing, building, and maintaining our camps. Take a look at a couple of exciting construction projects we’ve been working on this summer:

NRA Archery Range at Thunder Ridge

IMG_2857Construction is underway on the new Thunder Ridge Archery Range, thanks to Ranger Dave, his backhoe and a grant from the NRA. The archery range will join the new rifle range finished last year.

This new and improved shooting sports area will mean more Scouts can learn about handling firearms and shooting safely. And with a new supply of guns and bows from the NRA, they’ll have great new equipment to do it with.

Eccles Nature Center at Scofield

Eccles Nature Center ScofieldThe new Nature Center at Frandsen Scout Ranch is starting to take shape and camp staff couldn’t be more excited. Thanks to the George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Foundation, nature activities and merit badges will have a permanent home with plenty of learning space and seating for the thousands of Scouts and leaders who come every summer.

This nature center is the second of its kind in the Council. The Maple Dell Eccles Nature Center is in full swing this summer, and has been a great success at making the nature merit badges easier to teach and learn.

Having spent time at the previous Scofield nature area, I’m confident Scouts will be grateful for the shade and seating the new center will offer. And you sure can’t beat the view.

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Author: Utah National Parks Council

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